Roberts Mutant Surfboard Review

Roberts Mutant Surfboard Review

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Roberts Mutant surfboard review

The Roberts Mutant the board for slopey waves under neck high.

It’s definitely floaty, but you can still probably bury a rail and surf “in the wave” instead of “on top of the wave”

When you surf this board, you’ll probably find that the tail is a little bit too wide to go really good as a 3-fin, but you do have the option with a 5-box setup.

You might like to surf this board in 2 different scenarios:

  • A crumbly reef break that’s really flat faced, with just a few little wally sections.
  • A crumbly beach break that’s weak on the outside, and pitching on the inside.

In a weak reef break, the width and double concave of this board will allow you to draw out your bottom turns or hang out in the whitewater while you wait for the next section to wall up again. Then, the pinched rail and the swallow tail will provide responsiveness and hold through the good sections.

At a funky beach break, this board will help you be competitive with longboarders on the outside because of how wide the board is. Then you can set yourself up for your inside closeout section, where your board will be responsive because of the pinched rail.


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