Roberts White Diamond 2 Surfboard Review

Roberts White Diamond 2 Surfboard Review

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Roberts White Diamond 2 surfboard review

The biggest change from the original White Diamond to the White Diamond 2, is the concaves. Single concave turns into double concave towards the back of the board, with some V at the very end.

On a board like this, the double concave will help you get a quicker response out of the tail of the board, when you shift weight on your back foot. And it helps the tail slide around easier, keeping it from sticking to flat spots in small weak waves.

This is Torrey Meister killing it in smaller waves at Black’s on a White Diamond 2:

The White Diamond 2 has about 1 liter less volume than the original White Diamond of comparable dimensions. This represents a move towards a bit more high performance pocket and lip surfing.

Adding further to this board’s performance is a slightly narrower and more foiled out nose. The bottom edge of the nose rails are also beveled to eliminate catching an edge when turning back down into the face of a wave.

You might really like the White Diamond 2 for more pivot in the pocket, and release off the lip.

Most advanced surfers would really like this board in about 2-5 foot waves, while more average surfers might prefer the original White Diamond in the same conditions.


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