Rusty Happy Shovel Review – The Happiest Surfboard

Rusty Happy Shovel Review – The Happiest Surfboard

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Rusty Happy Shovel

If you see the Happy Shovel in a surf shop, go grab the rails. There’s nothing high volume about the rails, when compared to other boards of similar shape. That tells us that this board is one you can really tip on edge and bury into the water, to grind through turns, if you have the skill to surf that way.

If you aren’t impressed by the surfing in this video, there’s something wrong with you. 3 fins, 4 fins, no fins, whatever you want, it’s a good time!

You’ll notice lots of nose rocker, with not too much tail rocker. Although the tail rocker does kick up a bit in the last 6 inches of the board.

Everything about the Happy Shovel’s design is based around quick pivots, burying rails, and fast maneuverability. While the only thing about this board that screams “ease of use” or small wave surfing, is the planing ability that you would expect from such a wide outline.

The Happy Shovel goes best in knee to shoulder high waves, especially if you want something with a more “down in the water” rail gouging feeling. Got them feels?


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