Rusty Slayer Surfboard Review – Slaying Waves

Rusty Slayer Surfboard Review – Slaying Waves

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Rusty Slayer surfboard review

Get ready to slay some big waves with this board!

Watch Nate Yeomans do just that, and listen to his thoughts about the board:

The front of the Slayer gives plenty of paddle power.

The thumbtail on the Slayer gives us wide, arcing turns, and the V in the tail makes it even easier to rock from rail to rail.

This board is great for someone who wants to surf a big, lined up wave, and isn’t too concerned about doing the craziest turn or maneuver. For example, Josh Kerr has surfed this board at Pipeline and Teahupoo. Of course I know most people will never surf those spots, but that’s just to show you what the Slayer can slay.


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