Shark Attack (or raging sea lion) Near The Wedge

Shark Attack (or raging sea lion) Near The Wedge

Shark attack near The Wedge

Yesterday afternoon, a swimmer at Corona del Mar State Beach was attacked… probably by a shark.

The woman (estimated by lifeguards to be 40-50 years old) was found 150 yards offshore, bleeding heavily from her torso.

There were no witnesses, so officials aren’t sure if it was a shark or something else. One lifeguard suggested it could have been an aggressive sea lion.

Thankfully the woman is expected to recover just fine, but the nearby beaches (including The Wedge) were closed for Memorial Day. Boat and helicopter crews have been searching for the animal, with no luck.

Check the 8:51 mark to see the cops and lifeguards evacuating the water.

Hopefully The Wedge opens back up, and the sharks stay away, because it’s looking like a really fun week there.
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