Sharpeye Disco Surfboard Review – Party Time!

Sharpeye Disco Surfboard Review – Party Time!

Sharpeye Disco surfboard review

You should surf the Disco probably 4-6 inches shorter than a standard shortboard, and that might scare some surfers.

A lot of times, a beginner surfer or one who weighs a little bit more, will look at a board like this and be scared to go shorter. They think they are giving up too much float. A lot of surfers make the mistake of ordering a board longer than they are supposed to, to get more volume in the board. But here’s the problem with that: a lot of shapers design special rocker profiles for the surfboards that they create, and the Disco is an excellent example of that.

This continuous rocker creates a sweet spot on this board for our front foot, and ideally we want our front foot right on the sweet spot. If you order the Disco longer than you’re supposed to, your front foot will be too far back when you stand up, and you’ll miss the sweet spot. It will work, just not as good as it could.

The Disco has a lot of rocker from nose to tail, which allows you to surf it better in the pocket on small waves, and get really tight into turns on small waves. The Disco has a lot more rocker than most other small wave shortboards, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular surfboards in Sharpeye’s line.

Watch Evan Thompson putting the board to good use in some really lackluster waves. This guy knows how to dance the Disco:

There’s a lot of single concave on the underside, but the Disco gets away with it because of the amount of rocker it also has. This concave helps the board plane easier.

The Disco could be a good choice for waist-shoulder-head high waves, even if they have a little punch to them.


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