SUPERbrand Pigdog Surfboard Review – We All Love a Good Pigdog

SUPERbrand Pigdog Surfboard Review – We All Love a Good Pigdog

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Superbrand Pigdog Surfboard Review

When you hear the word pigdog, you probably think of getting barreled. And that’s a good way to use this board.

Single concave in the nose, to double concave at the back end. The concave setup in the Pigdog enables you to make tiny adjustments in the barrel and thread your way out of it.

I believe this is Brett Barley surfing the Pigdog on the East Coast:

With the wide point of the board farther forward, it will be easier to paddle into waves earlier than you would on a board with less thickness or width beneath your chest. This is helpful for setting your line early, and placing yourself perfectly for the first section as you drive through the barrel.

Subtle but continuous rocker throughout the Pigdog keeps the ride smooth.

This board opts for a bit more outline curve and less rocker, possibly making it easier to top turn without having to put it on rail.

The wide point being forward helps support your weight when you’re scooted up on the board, while the narrow tail sits down in the face of a barreling wave for grip. And the concave combination helps give you just enough slight control to make adjustments in the barrel.

This board would be great for average to advanced surfers, as a step-up board for 4-8 foot waves. Firewire wants you to pigdog on a Pigdog!


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