Surfing After The WSL Big Wave Awards Show

Surfing After The WSL Big Wave Awards Show

WSL Big Wave Awards wristband

My buddy Ian got to film the WSL Big Wave Awards Show for his job, which was pretty cool. I probably could have snuck in with him, but I had guests to entertain at my house.

The next day Ian showed up bright and early to surf. The waves had some size, but were still pretty mushy.

We surfed our shortboards for a while, then came in for a ping pong break (I won), and then went back out with the Wavestorms. Ian was getting stuck on the inside, but I caught a few fun ones before my leash snapped.

I finally figured out a good way to keep water drops off the lens, so future video quality should be a lot better.

Can’t beat a day of surfing and ping pong with friends!

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