TAZ Speedball Surfboard Review

TAZ Speedball Surfboard Review

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TAZ Speedball surfboardr eview

Here’s another board from the young Taz Yassin.

The Speedball has a bit more width forward and a rounded nose, which equals much easier paddling than a standard shortboard. It also has a squashed off, wider tail, which helps it plane in weaker waves under chest high.

Here’s a little POV of someone surfing the Speedball:

When you surf this board, the first thing you notice is that it does not feel excessively wide. A lot of boards with this kind of shape, with a rounded nose and a wide forward area, can feel like you’re surfing an aircraft carrier. But the Speedball keeps a very curvy tail rocker, and it breaks up the outline nicely with some wings on the tail.

These things give the board a lot of responsiveness, and make the board feel much shorter and narrower when you surf it.

The TAZ Speedball is really fun on the sort of days that look a little bit fun, not bad, but certainly don’t look good… when you really need a fun shape to get you hyped to paddle out, this is a sure bet.


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