TAZ Underdog Surfboard Review – Everybody Loves an Underdog

TAZ Underdog Surfboard Review – Everybody Loves an Underdog

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TAZ Underdog surfboard review

Taz Yassin is like 18 or 19 years old, and shaping some really good designs.

The Underdog has about 1.5 liters more volume than the T-Low or Fred Rubble, and 1.5 liters less than the Neil Diamond or New Flyer, when compared at similar length.

The tail rocker doesn’t have any crazy flip in the back, just a smooth flowing bend from the center.

However, the nose rocker is set up completely opposite. There’s not much bend towards the middle of the board, but the last 6-12 inches of nose is flipped up.

This rocker template is optimized for someone who wants easier paddling.

The Underdog is an excellent standard shortboard for someone who doesn’t need a hyper-low volume Whiplash or Proton or something like that. This board gives you a little more volume, while still remaining true to a standard shortboard outline, and doesn’t get into shorter wider territory.


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