This Actually Happened: Robbie Maddison Dirt-Biked Teahupoo

This Actually Happened: Robbie Maddison Dirt-Biked Teahupoo

Robbie Maddison Dirt Biking Teahupoo

If JOB lighting himself on fire at Teahupoo wasn’t enough, watch Robbie Maddison ride his motorcycle through the lineup and catch a couple waves.

Who thinks this stuff up!?

So the dirt bike used special tires, with little “paddles” around them, and there are some ski-like devices around the wheels. Combine those things with high speed, and you’ve got yourself a motorcycle that can ride on the water. Or maybe Robbie Maddison is really Jesus, who knows.

It’s definitely cool to see, but cringe worthy at the same time.

A loud obnoxious motorcycle is the opposite of what surfing is. I can’t imagine that the Tahitian locals were very happy about the stunt. But I also don’t think it’s going to become mainstream either, with a bunch of motorcycles in lineups across the globe.

So let’s just enjoy it for what it is 🙂



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