WSL Buys Kelly Slater Wave Co, and Garners Mainstream Media Attention

WSL Buys Kelly Slater Wave Co, and Garners Mainstream Media Attention

Kelly Slater's wave pool

If you haven’t heard already, the WSL bought Kelly Slater Wave Company a couple days ago.

And it’s making headlines.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Men’s Journal, and TODAY all ran extensive stories about this news, along with numerous other media outlets.

Normally mainstream media doesn’t pay much attention to the surf community, unless you get attacked by a shark.

But this new technology could revolutionize the future of surfing.

Clearly it looks like there will be a WSL event at a wave pool, who knows how soon though. And then of course there’s been plenty of push to get surfing in the 2020 Olympics.

With Kelly and the WSL’s powers combined, it’s bound to happen!

Kelly's wave

So what does this mean for surfers?

  • Will the influx of new surfers make the beaches even more crowded, or will it disperse the crowds because of easy access to wave pools?
  • Will it even be fun to watch? Matt Warshaw speculates it will be 75% less interesting.
  • Will wave pools be widely available, or only used as professional training facilities?
  • Will this even affect us “ocean surfers” at all, or will it be like an entirely different sport?

Plenty of questions, but only time will have the answers. It’s exciting to watch it all unfold, that’s for sure!

You won’t be able to surf Kelly’s wave anytime soon, but here are some videos to help you daydream:

Kelly’s Wave

“It’s a freak of technology”

Nat Young gets pitted, so pitted

“Probably the longest barrel of my life”

Carissa Moore’s last ride of the weekend

“I’m pretty caught up in just the moment.”

Kanoa Igarashi’s first wave

“I feel like I just won something.”

Stephanie Gilmore’s tube ride

“Who wants to get out of this barrel!?”

And here’s the drone view of that wave:

Wingnut longboards Kelly’s wave

“It’s mind blowing … nothing compares to this.”



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