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FRP Surf Fins

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Don't let the price of expensive fins kill your vibes.

Our FRP Surfboard Fins provide the quality you demand, while remaining extremely affordable. (Don't pay $75 for Channel Islands' FRP fins).

FRP stands for Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer.
This means that the durable polymer is injected with fiberglass to add even more strength. These are not just plastic surf fins!

These FRP Fins have a bit more flex than our Fiberglass Honeycomb Fins, but they are much more affordable also.

FCS and Futures, Thruster and Quad, FRP Surf Fins

FRP Surf Fins are great for:

  • If you're on a budget: We get it, sometimes you just gotta opt for the cheaper versions of things. Luckily you won't be sacrificing much performance with these surfboard fins.
  • Community board: You know, that one board that you keep in the corner for any of your friends that want to surf with you. It's best not to invest too much money into that board ;)
  • Backups: Fins break. And when they do, you don't want to be waiting around for your new fins to arrive (although we try to ship orders the very same day). Buy these as a backup, and swap them in when your expensive fins break and you're waiting for the replacements.
  • Some people like a little more flex in their fins: If you like a looser, more forgiving feel to your surfboard, more flex can be the answer.
The G5 Medium template provides a perfect balance of responsiveness and drive.

Our FRP Fins perform well in a broad spectrum of waves, from pumping pointbreaks to dumping beachbreaks.

Fins come in a travel case, which can come in handy on surf trips. Fin screws, fin key, and wax comb/scraper/bottle opener are also included.

No matter what type of waves you are surfing, join the thousands of Ho Stevie! fans and ride the best fins.
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