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GoPro Armband Leash

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*** This leash can be used with any GoPro mouth mount ***

Why Risk It?

If you are not already using a leash for your GoPro (which you probably aren't, if you are reading this), we want to ask you: Why?

The new GoPro Hero 8's retail for $400.

It's just not worth the risk if you don't have a leash. Even if you use a floaty on your GoPro, it can still get washed away by the waves. This is why we recommend spending the extra 15 bucks for peace of mind.

Simply wrap the armband around your bicep, and attach the other end of leash to your GoPro mouth mount to keep it safe and secure.

Do Not Put GoPro Leashes Around Your Neck!

It seems obvious, yet every other leash/lanyard company seems to be making leashes that go around your neck.

Not a good idea!

Our leash attaches to your arm so you won't choke yourself if the GoPro is tugging at the leash.

GoPro leash fits arms up to 18 inches

GoPro Mouth Mount Leash Features

  • GoPro and mouth mount stay attached to your arm during wipeouts
  • Heavy duty steel inner cable
  • Slim 1.5" wide armband with soft padding
  • Coiled leash stays out of your shot

Using Your GoPro Leash

Put the end loop around the middle tab of your mouth mount (should work will all types of mouth mounts. If it doesn’t work with yours, you can send your leash back for a full refund)

Pull GoPro leash loop over mouth mount tab

Insert the bolt into your mouth mount, and make sure the loop is secured by the bolt. Pull the cord to the side, to whichever side you will be attaching your armband.

Using GoPro mouth mount leash

Attach armband to your bicep (doesn’t matter which bicep, personal preference)

GoPro mouth mount armband leash
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