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Canvas Surfboard Bag

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Our canvas surfboard bag is made of durable canvas that won't rip.

This bag protects your surfboard from dings while you're hauling your board through doorways, down stairs, in and out of your car, to and from the beach.

☀️ UV sunlight can turn your surfboard yellow, but not with this canvas surfboard sock.

And nobody wants their wax to melt off their surfboard onto their car's interior. Bag your board.

The canvas board bag looks good, and won't snag the velcro on your leash like a knit surfboard sock will.

Canvas board bag

Canvas Board Bag Measurements

  • 6’0” bag = 24” wide
  • 6’6” bag = 24” wide
  • 7’0” bag = 26” wide
  • 7’6” bag = 26” wide
  • 8’0” bag = 26” wide
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