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Surfboard Front Traction Pad

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Do you hate waxing your surfboard before each session?

And then you have to worry about the wax melting on your car, or melting off your board if you leave it out in the sun?

A front traction pad might be just what you need.

With a front traction pad, you eliminate the need for wax. The pad provides superior grip, and probably weighs less than the wax on your board! (3.7oz total weight of all 4 pieces)

This front traction pairs perfectly with our rear pads... same materials and grip pattern.

Front Surfboard Traction Pad

Front Traction Pad Features

  • Eliminates the need for wax
  • Powerful 3M adhesive for maximum stick to your board
  • Lightweight Thermoformed EVA Foam (weighs 3.7oz total)
  • Full size. Measures 16" tall and 14.5 wide when all four pieces are laid side by side. (But we recommend spreading the pads equally across the width of your surfboard)
  • Pads can be trimmed to custom shape
  • Palm Tree pattern if you like tropical vibes, or keep it classic with plain Black

Front Traction Pad 30 Day Guarantee

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