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Surfboard Traction Pad

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Don't you hate it when your traction pad starts peeling off your surfboard?
How about when you're surfing in boardshorts, and your knees get scraped on your traction pad every time you pop up?

Yeah, we hate that too.

So when we designed our traction pads, we made sure to use the highest quality 3M adhesive, and a material that is soft on your knees yet durable and grippy.
3M adhesive and soft grip

Traction Pad Features

  • Powerful 3M adhesive for maximum stick to your board
  • Lightweight Thermoformed EVA Foam
  • Kick tail to secure your foot against for security and torque
  • Middle arch supports your foot
  • 3 piece design allows precise adjustment when applying pads
  • Palm Tree design if you like tropical vibes, or keep things vanilla with plain colors. Black, Aqua (blue), or Red.

Our traction pads are full size, unlike many of the cheaper options online. They measure 12"x12" when the pieces are pushed together, or you can spread them as wide as you like.
Traction Pad Size

Traction Pad 30 Day Guarantee

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