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Surf Poncho

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No more fumbling with a towel while you change in and out of your wetsuit...

Our Surf Changing Poncho makes it easy to change before/after you surf.

Change faster, stay warmer, and most importantly: you don't have to worry about mooning the parking lot!

Changing with a Surf Poncho

These Surf Ponchos are designed with extra length, to fit even the tallest people. Stevie, our founder, is 6'2" and he just wasn't satisfied with how other surf robes fit. Using a wetsuit changing poncho that doesn't go past your knees defeats the whole purpose!

Our changing ponchos provide 47 inches from shoulders to bottom of the robe... more than enough room to change without worrying about exposing yourself.

Tip: Use our wetsuit changing mat to keep your wetsuit and car clean.

Changing Poncho Features

  • Soft, thick microfiber or cotton material dries fast.
  • Dries you off quickly and keeps you warm... no need for a separate towel!
  • Low lint, so you won't get those annoying fuzzies on you after drying off.
  • Makes changing easy, comfortable, and private.
  • Hood keeps your head and face warm when it's cold and windy.
  • Hanging loop for easy hanging back home.

Hanging loop on surf poncho

Surf Robe Size/Fit

Surf Robe Length
His height: 6'2"
Her height: 5'5"

Because we like to keep things simple, our surf robe only comes in one size.

The ponchos fit men and women both, with ample room for changing in and out of your wetsuit.

Our surf ponchos measure 47" from top of shoulders to the bottom hem, and 33" wide.

Most other brands have a shorter length around 40", which costs less for them, but means less coverage for you.

Hooded Poncho Towel Material

When you want to know how thick a towel material is, you use the GSM measurement: Grams per Square Meter.

You can use this weight to get an idea of how heavy or thick the towel is, before actually feeling (when buying online for example).

We use thicker/heaver towel material than most other brands of surf ponchos.

Some companies don't list their GSM weight on their product pages, but if they do, you can compare to the GSM weights of our poncho towels.

Microfiber Changing Poncho

Microfiber surf poncho  material

Our Microfiber ponchos are soft, plush, and the most affordable option.

280GSM weight

100% Cotton Changing Poncho

Cotton surf poncho material

We recently started making some ponchos out of 100% cotton material.

We prefer cotton, because it is all natural and more eco-friendly than microfiber.

Most people prefer the feeling of the cotton poncho on their skin, over the microfiber poncho.

The cotton has a softer feel, and is a heavier weight (330GSM).

The cotton ponchos cost more for us to make, so they have a higher price. But we believe it's worth it.

Surf Changing Poncho Colors

Black Changing Poncho

Black surf poncho

Our original surf poncho.

Made of black 280GSM microfiber, with embroidered "Ho Stevie!" logo on chest.

Gray with With Stripes Changing Poncho

Gray with white stripes surf poncho

As mentioned above, we started making 100% cotton ponchos to be nicer to the earth.

Some customers also mentioned they wanted a smaller logo, so we listened. Logo is just a small tag on the bottom hem.

330GSM cotton.

Dark Blue Changing Poncho

Dark blue surf poncho

We sold out of our dark blue surf ponchos :(

Send us a message if you want us to restock!

It will be the heaviest option, 360GSM cotton.

Camouflage Changing Poncho

Camo surf poncho

We sold out of our camo surf ponchos :(

Send us a message if you want us to restock!

330GSM cotton.

Washing Your Surf Poncho

Washing and drying your surf poncho towel

When your poncho towel gets dirty, just throw it in the wash on cold.

If you have a microfiber poncho, tumble dry on low heat. If you have a 100% cotton poncho, tumble dry on heat of your choice.

History of the Surf Poncho

Surf changing ponchos have really only been around for a few years.

When we started making them in 2015, we were one of the first surf companies to do so.

Now most of the big surf brands make changing ponchos, but they don't match our quality and price.

We saw the trend of ponchos, but didn't think they would get as popular as they have! It's very common now to see surfers changing with ponchos instead of towels.

And since we've been there from the beginning, we have one of the best selling surf ponchos on Amazon.

Changing Ponchos... Not Just For Surfing

While we are a surfing company that makes products for surfers, we have found a lot of non-surfers use our changing ponchos too!

Our changing ponchos can be used during triathlons, modeling shoots, beach or pool swimming sessions, or really anytime you need to change clothes outdoors.

So scroll up to get your own poncho now ☝️
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