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Surf Wax

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Step onto our long-lasting root beer scented surf wax, and you won’t be falling off into the splits anymore. (Even if you are comfortable doing the splits, it’s not something you want to do on a surfboard)

Made in California, this ultra sticky formula provides maximum traction and durability.

Our standard 85g bar usually lasts us over a month when applying a fresh coat every day. Order a few of them so you always have some on hand. (Shipping is free for USA orders)

Surf Wax Temperature Guide

Cold: 58 degrees and below
Cool: 58-68 degrees
Warm: 68-78 degrees
Tropical: 78 degrees and above
Basecoat: All Temps. Use this for your first coat to help your regular wax stick better.

How to Apply Surf Wax

1. Remove any old wax from your surfboard. Leave it in the sun for a few minutes to soften the wax, then scrape it off with a wax scraper or credit card.
2. Apply a solid layer of basecoat. Basecoat is a harder wax that helps your regular wax stay on your board longer. You don't need to use a basecoat, but your regular wax will rub off faster if you don't.
3. Apply the regular wax. Start with a crosshatch pattern, then switch to circles. This will form consistent bumps across your surfboard.
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