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Side Bite / Rear Trailer Fins

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Looking to add some stability to your single-fin longboard?

Or maybe you have a set of thruster fins (3 fins) for your shortboard, but you want to try out a quad setup (4 fins)?

Either way, these are the fins you need!

Using the fins as sidebites on your longboard adds drive and stability to your single-fin setup.

Or turn your THRUSTER setup into a QUAD, using these as the rear trailer fins, also adding more drive and power.

Fins come in a set of 2. Fin key and fin screws included. FCS or Futures.
FCS fins also work in FCS II (FCS 2) fin boxes.

Please pay attention when buying Futures…
Most longboards have 3/4” deep fin boxes.
Most shortboards use 1/2” deep fin boxes for the rear trailing fins.
Please check your fin boxes before ordering.

Futures 1/2" base vs Futures 3/4" base

Fin template is similar to GL template fins.
Futures Sidebite Fin Dimensions

FCS Sidebite Fin Dimensions
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