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Surfboard Wall Mount

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If you want to mount your surfboard to your wall, these racks are a classy, simple, and affordable way to do it.

Hang your surf board on the wall of your bedroom or living room for display, or mount your board in the garage for storage.

Installing the wall mounts is quick and easy... just use the 4 included screws (drywall anchors are also included if you need them), and put your surfboard on display.

The heavy duty aluminum racks will hold any surfboard, from shortboards to longboards, and the felt padding protects your surf board from dings.

Can be used indoors or outdoors, as the aluminum construction won't rust or corrode.

These padded racks have a minimalist design, so the brackets are barely noticeable under your surfboard.

Surfboard Wall Mount Features

  • Hang your surfboard from your wall in minutes
  • Only 4 screws required to install surfboard wall mounts (included)
  • Strong aluminum racks will hold the even the heaviest of surfboards, and won't corrode
  • Felt padding protects rails of your surfboard when hanging

Surfboard Wall Hangings

Here are some pictures our customers have sent us, of their surfboards hung using our minimalist wall mounts.

Longboard Surfboard Mounted on Wall

Longboard surfboard hanging on wall

Fish Surfboard Mounted on Wall

Fish surfboard hanging on wall

Funboard Mounted on Wall

Funboard surfboard hanging on wall

Shortboard Mounted on Wall

Shortboard surfboard hanging on wall

How To Hang Your Surfboard On The Wall

Installing your surfboard wall mounts is pretty straightforward and simple.

Screwing the surfboard racks into wall studs is the best way to install.

If this is not an option for you, you can use the provided drywall anchors.

(Please limit surfboard weight to 30lbs)

Determine where each rack will go on your wall (you can use a level if you have one).

Surfboard Wall Mount Installation

Mark each hole (2 holes per rack) with pencil.

Mark holes for surfboard wall racks

For Wall Studs

Pre-drill the 4 holes (pre-drilling is recommended to avoid possibly stripping the screw heads).

Pre-drill wall studs

Put the racks up to the wall, and carefully tighten the screws.

Tighten screws in wall rack

To make sure you don't over-tighten the screws, we recommend using a screwdriver for the final few turns.

For Drywall Anchors

These may break if screwed into a stud or other obstruction behind the wall.

Make sure there is nothing behind the drywall.

Pre-drill holes into the drywall.

Pre-drill drywall anchors

Screw the drywall anchors in with a Philips head screwdriver, until the anchor is flush with the drywall.

Screw drywall anchors into wall

Do this for all mounting holes, then place surfboard racks against wall and insert screws through rack into drywall anchors.

Screw in surfboard wall mounts

To make sure you don't over-tighten the screws, we recommend using a screwdriver for the final few turns.

Test both surfboard racks with gentle pressure, then go ahead and hang your surfboard up for display.

Hang surfboard on wall mounts

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