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O'Neill Psycho III Review

When I bought my first O’Neill Psycho III wetsuit in the fall of 2013, I was stoked.
In the past I had some issues with cheaper wetsuits… the necks would “rot” from my sunscreen or whatever reason, or something else on the suit would fall apart.

But now I could finally afford a top-of-the-line wetsuit.

After plopping down $500 or so at the surf shop, I was in heaven.

Hey, did you know we make Ho Stevie! Wetsuits now? They are warm, stretchy, and durable… and only $199 with free fast shipping.

But after surfing almost every day for a year in the Psycho III, its end was near. The rubber seams were basically destroyed, cracked all over. It was actually starting to get painful to surf, because the cracked seams would be pinching my skin while I surfed.
Nothing else was wrong with the suit, no holes, no rips, it still kept me warm. Just the cracked seams.

Pretty disappointing after dropping all that cash on a suit that I thought would last for years.

The 1 year anniversary of me and the wetsuit was approaching, and I remembered something about a 1-year warranty.
I headed to the surf shop where I bought it, and they helped me fill out the warranty form. Normally you write what area needs repair, but the whole wetsuit needed to be repaired.

So I’m not sure what the guy at the shop wrote, but 3 weeks later I had a brand new wetsuit! And it was the 2015 model!

I want to thank O’Neill for honoring their warranty without any hassle. Very cool.

The 2015 Psycho III has sexy blue seams, and again is the best wetsuit I have ever used. I have the 3/2 version, but it keeps as warm (or at least close to it) as my 4/3 suit!

The best part is how light and flexible it is. I can definitely feel myself getting tired faster with a thicker wetsuit. With my 4/3, it’s crazy how fast my arms get tired. With the 3/2 Psycho III, it’s almost like I’m surfing in boardshorts. Definitely an improvement over the 3/2s I’ve had in the past.

I’ve had the new suit for about 5 months now, and the seams are starting to crack again, as you can see in the picture. Nothing bad yet, but I’m guessing it will probably end up like the previous one.

Psycho III cracked seams
Psycho III cracked seams

I think it’s pretty sucky that an expensive wetsuit falls apart like this, but I guess with the more delicate materials, it’s to be expected.

I talked to the guy at the surf shop, and he said that if I’m surfing every day I should just get a mid-range wetsuit. It will be cheaper and probably won’t fall apart as fast. The downside of course being that it won’t be as light/flexible/warm.

Anyways, for now I’m happy with my Psycho III, and summer is coming up anyways, so pretty soon I won’t even need to wear it!

What wetsuit do you have, and how do you like it? Leave a comment below!

ONeill Psycho III Wetsuit
ONeill Psycho III Wetsuit

UPDATE (September 3rd, 2015)

So I’ve had the 2015 version of the Psycho III for about a year now, and the seams are horrible. They are all cracked, and probably half of the seams have completely fallen off. This allows a lot of water into the wetsuit, which obviously doesn’t keep me as warm.

You can see what I mean in this quick video:

For my next wetsuit I’m thinking about a Patagonia. My friend has had one for probably 4 years and he loves it. Doesn’t look like it has worn out at all.

Or I might buy a mid-range wetsuit, around $200-$250. My theory is that the seams won’t be as stretchy, but they will be more durable.

I love O’Neill, and still might get a mid-range suit from them, but I can’t justify spending $500 on a wetsuit that falls apart in less than a year.

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  1. I bought my first XCEL Drylock 3/2 and it’s just nuts. Keeps me super warm, best suit I have ever bought.

    Pretty sure I am an XCEL fan for life after getting to enjoy this thing.

  2. I have the same thing with my Psycho III 2013, all the seams are cracking and opening up. Have the suit for about 7 months now and use if for kitesurfing a few times a week. I think I should bring it in for warranty as well, thanks for reminding me!

  3. I had an exactly same experience with 5/3 psycho 3 wetsuit with cracked and ripped seam tape all over within a year. Chest/back and arm junctions are the worst part! After that, I bought a Billabong Xero Furnace wetsuit (top-end) and it was well worth the money. It lasted several years without seam tape issues. Excel wetsuits have way better seam tape system too. Jt’s just O’Neill top-end wetsuits that are not worth the retail price at all.

  4. Exactly the same issue here. Started with the 2012 year model, seams all split within a year. Got a warranty replacement which ended up being 2015 model I think, but the seams have started splitting already after about 3 or 4 uses, both inside and out. Great lightweight suit for the short period it holds together, but wouldn’t buy another O’neill with this seam system. Unfortunately fancy marketing jargon – ‘Double Super Seam Weld’ doesn’t mean much when it doesn’t hold together!

    Seeing similar splitting on my Billabong Foil wetsuit inside welded seams also.

    • Thanks for sharing ?
      My 3rd suit is finally starting to fall apart at the seams, after a lot of use this winter. Gonna have to make a video about it and update this blog post. At least O’Neill keeps honoring their warranty!

  5. I brought the women’s o’niell psycho III 4/3 and the seams started to crack after the first surf. I returned it and have been waiting for 4 months for a replacement. I can’t say I have had the same positive experience with o’niell that you have had.

    • 4 months!! Wow, sorry to hear that.
      I can’t help but wonder if they’ve been treating me better because I have a blog and Youtube channel.

  6. Iv got the same problem ! I heard great things about the O’neiil wetsuits so I Bought it when it was on special and because my rip curl wetsuit was just about dead after 6 year of use. I didn’t use it straight way because i thought i might as well kill my old one. 8 months later i started using the new O’neiil which was washed every time after using it was hung to dry in my bathroom ( out of sunlight) and i have used it all of 5 time and thing is falling apart at the seams and O’neiil have said they won’t do a thing to help me. Never again will i buy an O’neiil wetsuit !!!!!!!

  7. I’m on my 3rd O’Neill heat welded seamed wetsuit. All warranty items after the first one as the seams just split every time even after washing in fresh water after every use. Can’t fault the warranty but I want a suit that’s keeps me warm especially when buying top of the range. Won’t buy another O’Neill suit unless they change dramatically or give me a free one.

  8. I’ve had many high(ish) end Oneill wetties over the last 10-12 years, they’ve all had cracked seams. They’re the ones that fit me the best and for some reason were always a cheaper option.
    Most of them cracked after about a season of use, to find out the next season after being in the closet for 6 months or so. One had a crack from the very first time I wore it though. I was always told the standard: oh it’s just a new model so they’re still working out the bugs. With every new one I would get my hopes up, but it has been the same. And as the original post at the top, it would actually rip my skin.
    No more Oneill wettie for me, might try xcel next…

  9. I have/had the exact same suit with the exact same problem. Painful I must say. Their older suits with the flat black seams never had this problem. I called/emailed O neill and they were very helpful. They said there was a problem with the suits and they would replace the suit! Awesome customer service! Issue, that ‘level’ suit has been replaced with a front zip…they sent it to me, excellent quality but I have never worn/never fit in a front zip. Same issue, fine in the hips and waist but no go. Maybe a small framed girl with smaller boobs would fit this fine. I called and told them the dilemma and they said that Oneill had not yet produced a back zip in that suit (they were not sure why not) so they could only replace with a ‘flair’ wetsuit which is a step down in the material.. He is sending me one of those. Can’t beat their customer service. I have had other ‘seam’ issues mostly splitting in the past and they repaired them . I’ll follow up with a review about the ‘flair’ when I get/wear it up here in N Cal.

  10. I have purchased a 4/3 Psycho Tech Fuze last March to feather into use as my existing wetsuits O’Neil wetsuits wear out. Paid 429 for the suit. After my second time using it the zipper slider separated from one side of the teeth . Sent it back, it was fixed, returned to me, only to have it the zipper fail again ( the slider came off altogether) when I tried it one. It’s been sent back again. I’m out 60 bucks for shipping and have not had use of the suit. Also the suit’s exterior material has pilled. I’ve not had zipper problems with my other two O’Neil suits but the exterior “pilled” pretty quickly.

  11. Hi,

    I have had numerous O’Neill Psychos. I bought a Psycho 3 (4/3) in California in 2013, and my experience folows as described above, seams cracked. Legs and arms are fine, but shoulders to crotch all cracks. The cracks have finally resulted in holes. Hoes in the shoulder area are less of a pain than in the crotch area. My suit has cracked in the neoprene panel joints on the back of the shoulders, where the batwing is connected. Glued and patched yesterday, will see if it holds. Estimated used 80-90 times.

    Cracked seams in the crotch I find more troublesome. That’s where the water easily penetrates as you sit on the board and streches the suit. This area I also find the hardest to repair because of all the stress and stretching of the panels.

    I bought my first Psycho 2 (6/4) in 2005. This suit had the wider flat welded seams. This suit has been my best suit ever. It probably took 8-9 years before I had my first hole in it, and I used it a lot. I still use it, but it now has a little hole in the crotch. For spring/autumn. Estimated used 300 times. I also bought a Psycho 2 (6/5/4) in 2009, and it’s just as good. In fact, seams are still in more or less perfect shape. I only have on hole in it, at the back of one shoulder, which I have glued and patched. The rest is watertight. Estimated used 200 times.

  12. I’ve ditched buying O’Neill wetsuits because of the seam cracking, the sealant is crap but when you think about it it’s no surprise they fail. The seam and neoprene stretch at different rates… Then boom crack. My last one blew a hole in the groin! I roll with Rip Curl these days, they use neoprene tape which doesn’t crack. Highly recommend my Flash Bomb.

  13. I have the exact same thing – I have bought two o Neil psycho and both have suffered cracking after 2 years. My current one is 3 years old and I have limped through a cold winter by patching it with neoprene sealant. But this is not what you expect for an expensive suit. It’s a great fit and super flexible, but so disappointed with the durability.

    I have switched to a quicksilver highline plus and it has rubber seams but they are taped on the inside, so hoping for a better experience.

  14. I too have been very disappointed with my Psycho wetsuit. $600 and thought it would have lastest longer and not have those horrible cold leaks. I have put up with it for 4 years and have plugging holes and manually retaping with on of the home kits. My wife said tonight as I went for a surf (surf is down the street) you can’t wear that anymore………,,,funny I have a cheapy 2/3 O’Neil spring suit and it looks brand new and gets twice the wear as the Psycho.

  15. Hi Guys, I’m sorry to say I am currently experiencing the same issues with a 3/2 psychofreak. I picked it up on sale in 2019 to replace my old Rip Curl flash bomb, as it was getting a bit tired after maybe 6 or 7 years great service. I only used the new suit about twice that winter, because I carried on using my old suit until I gave it to a buddy of mine, Its still going!!
    Anyway, after a handful, literally, of surfs this winter, I noticed the dreaded cracking. Oneil don’t wanna know about it because it’s out of warranty. I’m so disappointed and angry about the poor durability of this suit, what a joke. A top of the range suit should last way longer than this. I should have got another flash bomb, not a PsychoWeak!!

  16. Funny. I have the same experience. Yes, I know it’s an old thread, but my Mutant is cracked all over as well. Still seals OK, but very disappointing. More so as O’Neill doesn’t do non-warranty repairs any more. I’m moving on to other brands after using O’Neill almost exclusively for over 30 years.

  17. Hello, i experienced the same issue with seams in PSYCHO ONE TB1 (2012) AND TB2 (2016) MODELS,

    The Psycho one its a very flexible and light wetsuit, but the seams are not as good as they should,

    in this last one i put some wetsuit glue in the seams, it works but the visual impact are not as good,

    i hope they stop made the wetsuits with this horrible seams, it a shame on a wetsuit of this range,

    except the seams the wetsuit is built with the finnest materials

  18. Familiar, Same Issue & sadly Oneill fits me the best!!
    Actually tried a Mid range & flushed like a beast then had to clean meticulously to get refund also…
    So , Oneill Psycho & other Oneills – have a bunch & they all crack But EVEN Worse , after a while the Black material gets sticky & attaches to my hairs & hurts like all buggery.
    I have thrown quite a few away which are absolutely fine other than this super painful, impossible to wear situation
    ANY SOLUTIONS to this?? or link to anyone who does?

    Craig the other Frustrated O’Neill wearer


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