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Men's Surfing Wetsuit

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🌡 For Temps Down To 51°F

🧈 Buttery Soft

💪 Super Durable

♻ Eco-Friendly

Long story short: It’s a $400 wetsuit for $200.

Let’s talk about why.

We made it our mission to design a WARM, STRETCHY, and DURABLE surfing wetsuit for the lowest price point possible.

The warmer your wetsuit is, the longer you can stay out surfing.

A stretchy wetsuit won’t tire out your arms as quickly as stiff neoprene.

And who wants to replace their wetsuit every season? We think wetsuits should last for years, even if you surf every day like Stevie does.

(Click here if you're looking for our Women's Wetsuit)

GBS Taped Seams:

GBS Seams on Wetsuit

This is probably the most important factor for the warmth of a wetsuit.

The cheapest wetsuits use Flatlock stitching, and high end wetsuits use Blind stitching.

It is much cheaper to manufacture wetsuits with Flatlock stitching, but this process creates more holes in the wet suit, which means more cold water will leak in.

Blind stitching is more expensive, but creates less holes, which makes a HUGE difference in the warmth of the wetsuit.

Our fullsuits use Blind stitching top to bottom.

Then we glue the seams and put neoprene tape over them, to make an extremely watertight seal.

This is called GBS seams (Glued and Blind Stitched), and you typically won’t find that on wetsuits for our price point.

SuperStretch Limestone-Based Neoprene:

Limestone Based Neoprene

Our SuperStretch limestone-based neoprene is some of the most flexible neoprene available, while also being more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based neoprene.

And flexibility doesn’t just mean comfort… it means performance.

Paddling with stiff neoprene is going to exhaust you much faster than surfing with stretchy neoprene that offers unrestricted movement.

The fast-dry inner lining is soft on your skin, so you won’t get chafed, even when the waves are so good that you surf all day.

You can choose 4/3mm thickness, or 3/2mm thickness, in our full length wetsuits.

Our 4/3 wetsuit is recommended for water as cold as 51°F
Our 3/2 wetsuit is good for water 56°F and warmer.

Here in San Diego, almost all surfers use a 4/3mm wetsuit in the winter, and 3/2mm for the rest of the year.

YKK Zipper:

YKK Zipper

Cheap zippers end up failing.

So we use premium YKK zippers for our wetsuits.

Chest-zip wetsuits are far superior to back-zip wetsuits.

Imagine having a zipper down your back… not flexible, right? Zippers don’t stretch.

Also imagine sitting on your surfboard… half of your back is submerged in the water… and there’s a zipper letting that cold water seep into your wetsuit.

This is why we chose chest zip for our wetsuits.

More flexibility and warmth.

Reinforced Knee Pads:

Reinforced Wetsuit Knee Pads

You might not notice, but your knees rub the board and traction pad as you pop up.

(It’s easier to notice if you surf without a wetsuit, because your knees will probably be scraped up after a long session)

So it goes without saying that our wetsuits have reinforced knee pads to hold up to the abuse.

Key Loop:

Wetsuit Key Loop/Pocket

Surprisingly, not all wetsuits have a key loop or pocket.

It seems incredibly obvious to have this feature, as almost everyone brings a key when they surf, right?

Whether it’s your car key or house key, don’t stash it in your wheel well or on the beach.

We put a key loop behind the chest zipper, to keep your key securely attached to you.

Plastic-Free Packaging:

Cardboard Packaging for our Wetsuits

Everyone probably agrees… less plastic is better, right?

We love our planet, so we don’t use any plastic in our wetsuit packaging.

Your wetsuit will arrive in a nice but simple cardboard box, with a note from us.

Men's Wetsuit Size Chart:

Ho Stevie! Men's Wetsuit Size Chart

Use our wetsuit size chart to determine the best size for you. If you're choosing between sizes, go with the larger size.

If you aren’t sure, email us help@hostevie.com with your height and weight. Also email us if you don't see your size... we might be adding more size options in the future.

For reference, Stevie (in the pictures), is 6’2” and 165lbs, and he wears MT (Medium Tall).

Money Back Guarantee:

If your wetsuit doesn’t fit, or there is anything else you don’t like about it, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We want you to be happy with your wetsuit :)

Wetsuit Care:

Wetsuit Care

Take care of your wetsuit, and it will last a long time.

It’s pretty simple… rinse your wet suit after surfing, and hang it to dry out of direct sunlight.

If you’re driving to the surf, check out our changing mat. Change on this mat after surfing, pull the drawstrings and it turns into a dry-bag… this prevents your wetsuit from getting your car wet and smelly on the drive home.

Once you are home, rinse your wetsuit inside and out, at your hose or shower.

Hang your wetsuit (preferably on our hanger, for faster drying) out of direct sunlight.

But you don't have to take our word for it...

Stay warm in your Ho Stevie! wetsuit, while searching for that elusive barrel.

What does 4/3 and 3/2 mean?

This is the thickness (in millimeters) of the wetsuit.
4/3mm means some sections of the wetsuit are 4mm thick, and others are 3mm thick. This is the thickest/warmest type of this wetsuit that we make. Rated for water as cold as 51°F. (We do have an even thicker/warmer 5/4mm wetsuit with a built in hood)
3/2mm means some sections of the wetsuit are 3mm thick, and others are 2mm thick. Rated for water as cold as 56°F.

I'm in between sizes, which should I choose?

Because chest-zip wetsuits are a little more difficult to get in/out of than back-zip wetsuits (worth it for the added warmth and flexibility though), we always recommend choosing the larger size.
It's impossible to accomodate all body types, so if your height matches with one size, but your weight matches with another size, you'll have to make a decision. What is more important to you, length or "tightness"? For example, let's say you are 6'1" and weigh 150lbs. Tall and slim. Size MT would fit your height properly, but it might fit a bit looser on you, since it's rated for 165-180lbs weight. You could get size ST which will fit your weight nicely, but it's rated for 5'9" to 5'11" height, so it might be a bit short on your wrists and ankles.
But since we have many sizes to choose from, including Short and Tall sizes, most people are able to choose a wetsuit that fits them perfectly.
You can always email us help@hostevie.com if you want our guidance (please include your height and weight... and chest/waist measurements will be extra helpful)
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