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Fiberglass Honeycomb Surf Fins

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The right fins can help you milk every last drop of performance out of your surfboard.

Plastic fins just aren't going to cut it if you're trying to improve your surfing. Sure they are cheap, but they leave your board feeling dull and lifeless.

FCS and Future make great fins, but nobody wants to pay $125+ for a set of fins!

This is why we decided to step in.
We provide high quality, high performance fins, at about half the cost of the big-name brands.

Ho Stevie! doesn't spend millions on sponsorships, which is why we can offer the same high-quality surf fins as other companies, for much cheaper.

Ho Stevie! Surfboard Fins

Our fins are built for high performance in any waves, and any conditions.

These fins are lightweight, responsive, and fast, generating the maximum performance from your surfboard, no matter what you are riding.

Honeycomb HexCore provides the perfect amount of flex... giving you ultimate maneuverability, speed, and acceleration.

If your fins are too stiff, your surfing will feel stiff and difficult to maneuver.
But if there is too much flex in your fins, you won't have any drive or hold in the wave. You might notice yourself "spinning out" every time you go for a bottom turn.

We've blended the perfect amount of flex into our fins... your surfing should feel smooth and precise, allowing you to surf how you want.

30 Day Guarantee

Thruster (3 Fins) or Quad (4 fins) ?

Most older surfboards only allow you to use either a 3 fin or 4 fin setup, and you are not able to choose.

But some newer boards have 5 fin boxes, allowing you to go back and forth between a 3 or 4 fin setup.

The thruster setup (3 fins) uses 2 fins on the side, and one fin in the center. This setup allows a bit more playful maneuverability on the waves.
Thruster Fin Setup

The quad setup (4 fins) uses 2 fins on each side, and no center fin. This setup is a bit better for gaining speed and down-the-line drive, in fast barreling waves for example.
Quad Fin Setup

Both setups work great in all conditions, but each has their own slight advantages in certain waves. If your surfboard allows the two different setups, we recommend playing around with both, to see how they affect your surfing, and which setup you prefer.

Whether you surf beach breaks, point breaks, barreling waves or laid back mushy waves, join the thousands of Ho Stevie! fans and ride the best fins.
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