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Surfboard Scooter/Moped Rack

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This surfboard rack works with most types of mopeds and scooters, as long as they have a rear rack.

The top and bottom mounting plates sandwich your scooter's rack, and tighten with two bolts.

If for some reason the rack doesn't fit your scooter or moped, you can send it back for a full refund.

(Not recommended for surfboards longer than 8')

Scooter/Moped Surfboard Rack Features

  • Bungee cords hold your surfboard firmly in rack arms.
  • Adjustable arms can be set to your preference, to best fit your board and scooter/moped.
  • Can be used with or without a board bag/sock. Padded arms protect your surfboard from dings if your ride gets shaky.
  • Lightweight and strong aluminum construction won’t rust or corrode.

How To Install Surfboard Rack on Your Moped or Scooter

If you are uncomfortable installing the rack yourself, please contact your local scooter shop.

Insert the lower carrier arms into the upper arms by depressing the spring lock and sliding them in.

Scooter/Moped surfboard rack arms

Attach mount to scooter cargo rack. Top plate goes on top of rack, bottom plate goes under the rack. Tighten together with the two included bolts.

Attach mount to scooter cargo rack

Insert arms into the mount. Find the desired position, and tighten the bolts.

Tighten rack arms in place

Strap your surfboard down with the bungee cords.

Secure surfboard with bungee cords

Take your scooter for a test ride to make sure all components are secure. The dynamics of your scooter will change with the added cargo of a surfboard.

Please take time to adjust, and always ride within your limits.

Will This Rack Fit My Moped/Scooter?

As long as your scooter has a rear cargo rack, this surfboard rack will probably fit.

Here are some examples from customers:

Honda Cross Cub CC110

Honda Cross Cub CC110 scooter with surfboard rack
Love the black and white color scheme with this CC110 scooter.

Vespa 150

Vespa 150 scooter with surfboard rack
Gold on gold.

Vespa GTS125

Vespa GTS125 scooter with surfboard rack
This guy actually uses his rack for his wakeboard and longboard skateboard.

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