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Surfboard Tailgate Rack

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If you ride a shortboard, you can probably just throw it in the bed of your truck (maybe with a towel for padding) and be fine.

But if your surfboard is 7’ or longer (depending on the size of your truck’s bed) you’re probably going to need a padded tailgate rack for it.

Our tailgate pad works with any truck that has a tail gate, and it only takes a few minutes to install.

You can even strap up to 2 surfboards with this tailgate rack.

The rack’s pad keeps your surfboard from touching the tailgate, and your board stays secure with the strong nylon straps and heavy duty buckles.

You don’t have to baby your truck while using this surf rack, because the metal buckles have thick silicone covers, to prevent scratching your surfboard or truck.

Installing Your Surfboard Tailgate Pad

Surfboard Tailgate Pad Installation
Lay the pad on the center of your tailgate, with the buckles dangling off the back. Put the straps in the bed of the truck.

Surfboard Tailgate Pad Installation
Thread the straps through the bottom of tailgate, and back up through buckles on the back side. Pull the loose ends to tighten the straps.
(This might be easier if the tailgate is slightly opened)

Surfboard Tailgate Pad Installation
Lay a poncho or towel at the front of the truck bed, to cushion the nose of your surfboard. Put the nose of your surfboard all the way to the front of the truck bed, and then lay the back end of the board on the tailgate pad.

Surfboard Tailgate Pad Installation
Tighten the strap, and make sure your surfboard is secure before driving away.

So throw a tailgate pad on your truck, and get surfing!
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