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Surfing Boardshorts

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Boardshorts... the surfer's uniform.

At least during summer, or on a tropical surf trip, or for the few of you lucky enough to live where the water is warm year-round.

We're pretty sure 100% of surfers would say, if the water is warm enough, it feels better to surf in boardshorts than a wetsuit.

So we have crafted the ultimate boardshorts.

Soft, stretchy, and comfortable, these board shorts can be worn all day without worrying about chafing.

73% Polyester, 22% Rayon, 5% Spandex

Not too long and baggy, and not short short European style, we think our 17" outseam is the perfect length.

You'll have more mobility as the boardshorts sit above the knees, and there is no mesh lining to restrict your movement.

There's a key loop in the back pocket (with velcro closure) so you can take your car or house key with you while surfing. (Or if you're like Stevie and you forget to take off your wedding ring before heading to the beach, you can put that on the key loop too!)

Two front pockets for added practicality, with no negative effect on how they perform in the surf...

These pockets are designed to stay shut when you're in the water, so they don't let water in.

AND the pocket lining quickly drains any water out, so they don’t bulge or balloon up.
(We know a lot of people won't believe this, but try for yourself! If you don't like them, you can send them back for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.)

Stevie didn't like the fact that most surfing boardshorts don’t have front pockets, and he was stuck carrying his phone, wallet, and keys in his hands if he wanted to wear his boardshorts out of the water.

So he decided to change that.

Our boardshorts can be worn all day long, in and out of the water. Plenty of pocket space for your cell phone and other necessities, and the anti-rash material and stitching offers endless comfort.

Surf. Eat. Lounge. Repeat.
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