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Wetsuit Changing Mat

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When you change in and out of your wetsuit at a dirty parking lot or the beach, the dirt grinds into your wetsuit's neoprene and breaks it down.

Not good news for your wetsuit that cost a few hundred bucks. (or $199.97 if you have a Ho Stevie! Wetsuit)

That's why we recommend using a changing mat. Extend the life of your wetsuit, and put the savings towards a surf trip or something ;)

And when you're finished changing after surfing and you have a dripping wetsuit, just cinch up the drawstrings on the mat, and it turns into a dry-bag! No more damp, smelly car.

Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry-Bag Features

  • Durable waterproof material
  • Protect your wetsuit and extend its life
  • Keep your car dry while transporting your wetsuit after surfing
  • Large enough to hold wetsuit and towel

Changing on mat at beach
Tip: Wetsuit Changing Mat pairs perfectly with our Changing Poncho.

How To Use Wetsuit Changing Mat

Changing on wetsuit mat

Spread the mat on the ground. (If you used it previously, shake out any dirt or sand before laying it out).

Stand on the mat while changing in and out of your wetsuit. This way your wetsuit stays protected from all the dirt on the ground.

How To Use Wetsuit Dry-Bag

Using wetsuit dry-bag

After changing out of your wet wetsuit, lift up on the drawstrings to cinch the bag shut.

Now you can throw the dry-bag in your car without getting your car wet or smelly.

History of the Wetsuit Changing Mat / Dry-Bag

Homemade wetsuit changing mats have been around forever.

Anything from a flattened cardboard box, to a small rug, to a piece of artifical turf. I see a wide variety of rigs in the parking lot of my local longboarding spot, Tourmaline.

Actually, we were working on grass changing mats before we discovered this changing mat/dry-bag combo.

Grass turf wetsuit changing mat

Grass turf mats are nice for changing, but then what do you do with your wet wetsuit?

To avoid getting their vehicle wet, some people will carry a big plastic tub to throw their wetsuit in.

That does the job, but our changing mat/dry-bag combo sure is a lot more convenient!

For this reason, we have the best-selling changing mat on Amazon.

So use whatever works for you, but scroll up and add our changing mat to your cart, if you want the affordable and convenient choice.
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