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Wetsuit Hanger

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Treat your wetsuit right... hang it out to dry.

Sure, you could just fold your wetsuit over a railing or the back of your patio chair, but it's not going to dry nearly as fast as if you used our vented wetsuit hanger.

Our hanger lets you hang your wetsuit away from damaging UV sunlight ☀️that can melt the neoprene around the neck, and deteriorate your expensive wetsuit.

Regular clothes hangers can damage the shoulders of your wetsuit, and they don’t allow for optimal airflow.
Our vented arms provide maximum airflow and shoulder support for your wetsuit.

Foldable design lets you use this hanger with any wet suit… chest zip, back zip, or zipperless.

Surf in the morning, hang up your wetsuit and squeeze out the excess water 💦 and it can be dry for your afternoon session 🏄

Wetsuit Hanger Features

  • ⏰ Fast dry time
  • ❤️ Extends your wetsuit’s lifespan
  • 💪 Heavy Duty high-strength polymer construction will not corrode
  • 🔘 Foldable with the push of a button
  • - Hanging hook swivels, so you can hang your wetsuit almost anywhere

Wetsuit hanger with swiveling hook

What Wetsuits Work With This Hanger?

Any surfing wetsuit will work with our hanger.

Stevie uses his 3/2 and 4/3 wetsuits, and some customers use even thicker wetsuits, and scuba wetsuits.

Chest zip wetsuits, back zip wetuits, and zipperless wetsuits all work with this hanger and its collapsible arms.

Using Your Wetsuit Hanger

Rinse the inside and outside of your wetsuit after use.

I prefer to do this before hanging the wetsuit, but you can do it after if you prefer.

Rinse your wetsuit before  or after hanging it

Insert hanger through neck of wetsuit.
You can either do this with the hanger shoulders extended, or collapsed.

If you are worried about stretching the neck area of your wetsuit, collapse the hanger shoulders first.

To extend the hanger shoulders:

Press and hold the button.
Extend one shoulder at a time, while holding button.
When both shoulders are extended, release button and make sure shoulders are locked into place.

Press button and extend wetsuit hanger shoulders

To collapse the hanger shoulders:

Press and hold the button.
Collapse one shoulder at a time, while holding button.
Release button when both shoulders are collapsed.

Press button and collapse wetsuit hanger shoulders

Using wetsuit hanger

Slide hanger into wetsuit neck

Extend the hanger shoulders one at a time, once inside the wetsuit.

Extend hanger shoulders once inside wetsuit

Hang wet suit up to dry, avoiding direct sunlight if possible.

Hang your wet suit

Wring out any water so your wetsuit dries as quickly as possible. Wring the water out of your wetsuit

Wring out your wetsuit

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