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Surfboard Aero Rack Pads

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If your car has built in roof racks with aero/flat/plank style crossbars, these pads will make them safe to use with your surfboards. Laying surfboards or paddleboards down directly on roof racks without padding can lead to dings, scrapes, scratches, and dents.

The bane of every surfer’s existence!

These surfboard/SUP paddleboard aero roof rack pads are so easy to install that it would be comical to even include a “How to” section. Simply wrap the pads around the crossbars then fasten the incredibly strong velcro strips together to secure.

(If your car doesn’t have crossbars, you’ll want to use our Universal Car Soft Racks)

You’ll see when you open them up that they’re made to hold the aero/flat/plank style crossbars and will fit right into place.

An anti-coating on the interior of the pads keeps them from slipping or sliding along the crossbars, which is absolutely essential when transporting special cargo like surfboards and paddleboards.

Aero Rack Pads Features

  • Easy installation.
  • Anti-slip coating on the interior of the pad to keep them locked into place.
  • Each set comes with two pads, one for each crossbar.
  • Choose from two sizes: 28” or 17” length depending on the size of your car racks and how many surfboards you plan to transport at a time. Longer is more accommodating, but the shorter ones also come in handy to fit tighter spaces.
  • Made with weatherproof 600D polyester so that they won’t take on water or fade. You never have to take them off (even when going through a car wash) if you don’t want to.
  • Free fast shipping.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee...if you don't love your aero rack pads for any reason, send them back within 30 days for a refund, no questions asked.

These aero pads are to be used with our surfboard tie down straps. Ours come with silicone covers on the metal buckles to keep your surfboards safe and secure.

Compatible Crossbars

  • Yakima Jetstream
  • HD
  • Corebar
  • Factory crossbars
  • Any universal "Aero" or flat/plank style crossbars

Please feel free to email us help@hostevie.com if you’re not sure that they’ll fit your crossbars.

“It’s like a rooftop bed for surfboards.” - 5’10” Fish

Keeps your boards comfortable and you happy!

Scroll up to get your surfboard aero roof rack pads today and put those built-in roof racks to some good use.
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