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Surfboard Roof Racks

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Tired of folding the seats down in your car, so you can stuff your surfboards inside? And then telling your friends that they have to find their own ride to the beach, because you can't fit anyone else with the surfboards?

Roof racks save the day!

These padded "thru-the-door" style racks fit any vehicle (2-door or 4-door) and hold up to 3 surfboards.

Our surfboard car racks are unique because the buckles are wrapped in silicone covers, to prevent your car or surfboard(s) from getting scratched or dinged up.

Surfboard Car Racks' Silicone Buckle Cover

How to Install Surfboard Roof Racks

Installation is simple, it literally only takes a couple minutes!
Watch the video above for a detailed how-to.

Step 1
Open all vehicle doors, and lay the pads on top of vehicle.
If you have a 4-door car, lay one pad above the front seats, and one pad above the rear seats.
If you have a 2-door car, space the pads as far apart as you can, while still being able to strap them through the car.

Step 2
Wrap the straps around the roof and through your car. Thread the strap through the buckle and pull to tighten.
Make sure both pads are aligned on the roof of your car, so your surfboard(s) won’t be sitting crooked.

Step 3
Lay your surfboard(s) on top of the pads (fins forward). Then wrap the straps around your board(s) and tighten.

Step 4
Tuck any loose straps under your board(s) or inside the car. If you hear a buzzing sound while driving, it is probably a loose/vibrating strap. Tighten or reposition to correct this issue.
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