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Surfboard Sock

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Slide a soft protective sock over your surfboard to shield it from dings and UV sunlight that turns your board yellow.

Doorways and stairways are surfboard killers. We've all been guilty of dinging our boards while carrying them to the car (or dinging them while loading them into the car).

The surfboard sock cover is such a simple solution, but it's more than just ding protection.

You've probably seen how surfboards turn yellow with age. If you want to keep your board bright white, you need to protect it from UV light (the sun). Keeping your board covered with a sock when transporting and storing it, will maintain its fresh whiteness for years.

And there's nothing worse than getting wax all over the interior of your car... it's next to impossible to remove that sticky mess. Cover your board with a sock bag, and keep the wax on your surfboard where it belongs.

Surfboard Sock keeps the wax off your car's interior

Surfboard Sock Features

  • Durable knit stretch fabric provides cushioning and protection
  • Reinforced nose
  • Drawstring closure protects your board's tail
  • Velcro storage pocket (for wax, keys, etc)
  • Fits over your fins, no need to take them out

Choosing the Right Size Surfboard Sock

"Will my surfboard fit?"

The short answer... yes!

These sock covers stretch to fit any surfboard. And if you're still not sure, just email us (help@hostevie.com) with your board's dimensions and we can confirm if it will fit.
(Check out our SUP Socks if you have a paddleboard)

We recommend getting a sock size at least a few inches longer than your surfboard. This just makes it easier to work with, and if you ever decide to get a slightly longer board, you won't have to buy a new sock.

Every size is 22" wide un-stretched, and they stretch to over 30".

Surfboard Sock Nose Styles
Pointed Nose: 6'0", 6'6", 7'0" socks
Hybrid Nose: 7'6" socks
Rounded Nose: 8'0, 8'6", 9'0", 9'6", 10'6" socks

Surfboard Sock Material

Surfboard sock material

Our surfboard socks are made from a thick, super stretchy, knit polyester material.

This material provides plenty of protection from dings and UV rays, and won't degrade if left outside.

Your leash and leave/debris might stick to this knit sock, so if that's an issue for you, you might want to check out our canvas surfboard bags instead.

How To Use Your Surfboard Sock

Using a surfboard sock is key to keeping your surfboard in the best condition possible.

When you board is uncovered and left in the sunlight, its fresh white color will start to yellow.

So if you store your surfboard outside, or near a window in your house/garage, make sure to keep it covered with a sock.

And whether you ride to the beach on a bike, scooter, or in a car, you'll want to have the sock on for ding and sun protection... AND to keep the wax from melting onto your vehicle.

Slip the sock over your board.

Slide sock over board

No need to remove fins or leash.

Everything fits in sock, fins and leash too

Don't forget your wax!

Stash your wax in the velcro pocket

Cinch the drawstring at the bottom, so your surfboard's tail is protected.

Drawstring closure protects your surfboard's tail

Surf Board Sock Colors

Black/White Striped Surfboard Sock

Black and White striped surfboard sock
The original board sock, in the classic Ho Stevie! colors.

Blue/Gray Striped Surfboard Sock

Blue and Gray striped surfboard sock
Blue like the ocean. For your ocean slider.

Red/Gray Striped Surfboard Sock

Red and Gray striped surfboard sock
Red, like the fire that burns inside you, your desire to surf.

Pink /White Striped Surfboard Sock

Pink and White striped surfboard sock
For the ladies! (or guys who like pink). We had a lot of girl surfers request pink, so here it is.

It's clear to see we make the best surfboard sock, when you look at the 1000+ positive reviews on Amazon.

So scroll up to choose your size and color of surfboard sock, and get your board (and car) protected ☀️
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