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SUP Sock

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Sun can be good for you, but not for your SUP. It’ll damage your board whether you have an inflatable SUP or a fiberglass board.

Our plush Stand Up Paddle Board Sock will protect your board from the sun’s harsh UV rays, and from getting dinged up when carrying it around.


Easy to use, simple yet effective…

If you have stored your fiberglass SUP under the sun without a sock, you most likely are regretting your decision.

Let’s fix that, so it doesn’t get ruined even more.

Our SUP Socks are designed to quickly slide on and shield your paddle board from UV light after your paddle sessions.

For inflatable SUPs, avoiding exposure to heat is extremely important for it not to pop. In addition to the precautions you should take, like deflating some air when not in use, you can also add protection with this sock cover. That way, you’ll extend its lifespan.

Besides the sun damage, can we all agree that it's nearly impossible to avoid hitting your board on the corners of your patio, the side walls on the sidewalk, the stop sign by the crosswalk or your neighbor’s dog you didn’t see because of the size of your board?!

This SUP sock creates padding for situations like this, giving you peace of mind so you don’t have to search for ding repair kits online.


Available sizes are 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft and 12ft.

Choose a sock the same size or longer than your SUP. (Do not get a sock that is shorter than your SUP, otherwise it might get stretched too tightly over your fins.)
  • 8' SUP Sock: 30" wide (unstretched)

  • 9' SUP Sock: 32" wide (unstretched)

  • 10', 11', 12' SUP Sock: 34" wide (unstretched)

The polyester knit material stretches even wider so it will cover all kinds of paddle boards.
(If you have a regular surfboard, you'll want to get our narrower Surfboard Sock)

If you still have questions, ask away by emailing help@hostevie.com.


  • Durable knit material provides protection from sun and dings.

  • Padded nose for extra care in areas that need special attention.

  • Drawstring bottom closure fits everything in with fins attached.

  • Inside pocket for goodie stocking.

  • Easy storage with complimentary mesh carrying case.


Our SUP socks are made from high stretch, thick polyester fabric.

The material itself creates a barrier between your board and the harsh outdoors, protecting it from getting dinged up, or aged by UV light.

The velcro on your leash might stick to this fabric and leave fuzzballs, so if that bothers you, check out our Canvas SUP Bags.

Scroll up to choose your size of SUP Sock, and get your paddleboard protected.
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