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Surf Leash

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Ho Stevie’s surfboard leash keeps your surfboard safely and comfortably attached to your ankle.

When the waves are pumping, the last thing you want is your leash to break, leaving you swimming to shore, and possibly smashing your board on the rocks.

You want comfort, durability, and utility in a surf leash.

Our maximum strength leashes are 7mm (1/4”) thick, and extremely lightweight.

1.5” ankle cuff offers high density neoprene comfort and stays secure on your ankle.

Triple wrap rail saver prevents the leash from damaging the tail of your surfboard.

Double stainless steel swivels keep the leash from winding up into a tangled mess.

It’s a comfortable, worry-free leash!

And there’s even a pocket in the ankle cuff if you want to safely store your key while surfing.

(String loop for your surfboard plug is included)

How To Attach Surfboard Leash String

If you don't have a string loop already attached to your board, you will need to attach the one included with your leash.

Push the string loop through the leash plug in the tail of your surfboard. You can use a fin key if you can't get it through with your fingers.

Attaching Surfboard Leash String Loop

Once the string loop is pushed through, pull it tight and see how far it reaches. If it reaches past the rail of your surfboard, you will need to shorten the length.

Leash string loop too long

Your leash string can "cut" through the rail of your surfboard during powerful hold-downs. Re-tie the knot so that the string loop is shorter, allowing the leash's rail saver to do its job.

Perfect length string loop for surfboard leash

Attaching Your Surfboard Leash

Leash Features

  • Superior comfort and strength
  • Lightweight
  • Tangle free
  • Key storage in cuff

Leashes are available in 5 feet, 6 feet, 7 feet, 8 feet, or 9 feet lengths.
(We recommend choosing a leash length similar to the length of your surfboard)
Choose from Black, White, Blue, Orange, or Green colors.
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