This Week in Webclips: 3/29/15-4/4/15

This Week in Webclips: 3/29/15-4/4/15

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Surf Clips of the Week

So many surfing clips drop every day, it’s hard to keep track of them all!

Here are some of the best from the past week.

Sit back with a coffee, beer, or coconut, and enjoy!
(or bookmark this page for the work week when you need a break)

Rest In Peace Ricardo

Another tribute to Ricardo dos Santos, this one from the beautiful Mentawais.

Torren Martyn – Mexico and Australia

Video starts off super dirty… like chocolate barrels. But it cleans up by the end, leaving you as refreshed as Springtime sprinkles.

Stu Kennedy and Mick Fanning

These boys shred some small waves. Looks fun!

Eric Geiselman’s Hard Drive Dump

16 minutes of surfing all over the world. Plenty of good stuff in this one!

The Farm – RVCA

Some north Australian surfing from Alex Knost, Beau Foster, Davey Cathels, DMOTE, Ellis Ericson, Imogen Caldwell, Jay Davies, Jimmy Jazz James, Ricardo Christie and Tom Hawkins.

Smith Team in Panama

Put on your Smith optics with CJ Hobgood, Brett Barley, and Alex Smith.

Bells Beach (pre-contest) Drone Highlights

Too bad the contest didn’t start like this, huh?

Bells Beach Highlights: Day 2

Bad music and not the best waves… this is Bells.

Brian Conley and Mexican Barrels

Big barrels.

Mitch Coleborn Gets Dirty

Mitch Coleborn surfing in Volcom boardies in dirty water.

Dion Agius at The Wedge

Not the biggest or best Wedge footage, but some fun springtime floaters with Dion Agius.

PRIORITY Episode 1: Three Pros, Behind the Jersey

This is the WSL’s new series, similar to something Redbull would have. It follows Josh Kerr, Laura Enever, and rookie Matt Banting, for a behind-the-scenes look at contest life.

Volcom East Coast Australia Trip

Watch Carlos Munoz, Ozzie Wright, Parker Coffin, and Mitch Coleborn surf in East Aus. Where can I get Carlos’s shirt at the end??

Shane Dorian’s Sandy Drainers

Shane Dorian makes good use of his mouth mount in this video.

The Right – Western Australia Slabs

Some heavy waves in this one! And check out the jetski trying to 360 like Buttons.



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