9 Best Surf Podcasts (For EVERY Type Of Surfer)

Best Surfing Podcasts

As surfers, when we’re not looking for surf, actively surfing, or getting done surfing, we’re probably thinking about (you guessed it), surfing. If you’re anything like me you probably enjoy listening to the occasional podcast while in the car, cleaning the house, or taking care of daily tasks.

I’m an avid podcast guy. I prefer them over music most times.

But recently I went down a rabbit hole in search of the best surfing podcasts available on the internet. I found a handful of good listens (and one super sick new podcast that we’ll talk about later).

This list is in no particular order, let’s get into it!

Pinch My Salt Show

Pinch My Salt Show Rewiew

Total Episodes: 35
Posting Schedule: Every Other Monday
Do they video their podcast? Yes!

Sterling Spencer Instagram
Ryan Spencer Instagram
Pinch My Salt Instagram

“You know da rulez”.

If you’ve seen some odd ball, random, or funny shit throughout the surf world there’s a decent shot it came from Pinch My Salt.

Sterling and Ryan Spencer, if true surf comedians exist (and they sure as shit do) these guys are the gold standard. Much of their podcasts are reacting to funny videos and surf clips. Sterling is goofy as fuck and plays a hilarious character. Very sarcastic. He calls himself, and is fully convinced that he is the #1 surfer in the world.

I’m sure some people would argue. But engaging in a debate with the sultan on stoke would be the equivalent of stepping in the ring with Mike Tyson.

Their podcast airs new episodes every other Monday and for a show that is less than a year old, they have phenomenal production value, editing, and video quality (I highly recommend watching over just listening). From their very first episode it was clear that this was going to be something very unique and new to the surfing world. A half ass attitude supported by a whole lot of effort.

Sterling is a great surfer.

Ryan, his cousin, is also super funny and a great supporting character to Sterlings shenanigans (which is the nicest way for me to say that he doesn’t surf). But I mean what I say; he’s a solid co-host.

Their podcasts have some of the funniest surfing skits on the internet woven into their podcast episodes. Extremely unique. 

If you’re at the end of a long day, as many of us mere mortals are, and you’re looking to have your mind tickled by a mysterious surfing beach bum wizard-like creature (with a chiseled physique), then go ahead… Pinch My Salt. 

Cocaine is a super food and I do it anally so it goes straight to the organs and they soak up the nutrients.Sterling Spencer

Surf Splendor Podcast

Surf Splendor Podcast review

Total Episodes: 504
Posting Schedule: One new episode a week (usually Thursday but varies)
Do they video their podcast? Yes!


Founder of Surf Splendor, David Lee Scales is the host and oversees all podcast production and new show development. And uniquely, prior to launching his podcast network in 2013, David worked in the wine industry.

David talks with a lot of industry folks. This is very much an interview style podcast with A-Class guests ranging from the pro athletes, shapers, business owners, commentators, and pretty much everyone in between. The topics he discusses with the guests are their early life, life lessons, experiences, the journey of getting into the industry, surf history, lots and lots of stories, as well as the occasional update on competitive surfing. This, along with enough drama to keep you locked in like you’re back at the lunch table junior year. 

After cruising through an episode you’ll not only leave entertained but more than likely educated as well. This podcast really is a peak behind the curtain of the surf industry (not just surfing itself). Truly fascinating stuff, if that’s your cup of tea.

I highly recommend listening for anyone who wants to get a tap on the business, professional, and educational side of surfing. All while hearing first hand from the greatest folks to ever do it. 

The Grit! Podcast

The Grit Podcast Review

Total Episodes:
Posting Schedule: One new episode a week, usually Friday.
Do they video their podcast? Yes!


The Grit podcast runs on the Surf Splendor network. They’re two entirely separate podcasts but are posted on the same YouTube account (but separated on Spotify, Apple, etc). I only bring this up because I was pretty of confused the first time I went to listen to the show. David Scales from Surf Splendor co-hosts this podcast with the excellent writer, and cultured badass, Chas Smith. 

If you haven’t heard of Chas Smith, go check out BeachGrit. Chas has lived an interesting and adrenaline fueled life as both a surfing journalist and war correspondent (with the stories to prove it). He left the wars in the desert to create BeachGrit, which became one of the most popular online surf magazines out there.

The Grit podcast features Chas and David as they discuss the most recent, relevant, and mind-stimulating headlines from the surf world and BeachGrit directly. Topics include, but by no means limited to the click-happy dramas of pro surfers, average joes, and industry professionals (I won’t name who these individuals are… But they aren’t hard to find). These two cover updates in the surfing world with unique perspectives, provide solid nuggets of wisdom, and hypothesize over the future. 

Chas and David, (Chas especially) are not afraid to critique, criticize, and speak their strong opinions. If there’s a blunder, rumor, mistake, or point of contention, you can bet your ass these two will bring as much attention to it as possible. Even if it hurts some feelings. Just ask Mick Fanning what he thinks about Chas.

Love em or hate em, this podcast is not all sunshine and rainbows (but I guess that’s life). That being said, no one can say they don’t have an intimate and informed pulse on the surfing world. If it’s happening, these guys will tell you about it. 

I personally don’t listen to this podcast myself but if you vibe out on pro surfing, enjoy some juicy drama from time to time, and get off on wild stories, I recommend giving them a listen! And check out BeachGrit, they write some good stuff. 

The Drop Podcast By Stab Magazine

The Drop Podcast review

Total Episodes: Unknown… But a lot
Posting Schedule: 1-2 a week, no specific days
Do they offer video? Nope

Michael Ciaramella
Stace Galbraith
Brendan Buckley

This podcast is hosted by Stab Magazine’s Editor and Chief, Michael Ciaramella (known as Mikey). But don’t be fooled, just because Mikey is a writer and podcast host does NOT mean the dude doesn’t fucking shred out in the water. He’s a ripper and former surf coach for UCSD. 

Stace Galbraith is another frequent guest on the pod. Coming from Queensland, Australia Stace was a former surf judge before transitioning into private coaching for some of the greats including Jack Freestone. To no surprise, Stace is also a ripper.

Brendan Buckley, Stab Mag’s second Editor in Chief is also a routine guest on the show and brings a third eye to the surfcast. ”Buck” is also the founder of Surf Custom 01 which is a pretty rad company that helps surfers design their own custom board to fit their needs and conditions. 

True surf fans rejoice, this one is definitely for you. This podcast is a weekly wrap-up explaining what is new and fresh in the surf world. If you want to hear about who’s film just came out, recaps on the most recent comp, predictions for the next contest, what sponsors are doing (or not doing), and much, much more, this is your podcast.

A recent topic they discussed was “how surfers get paid”. They also discussed the business model of Stab Magazine. You rarely ever hear about these things and getting it from the horse’s mouth was quite an interesting listen… Information you can’t find anywhere else besides a boardroom in SoCal (and I’m not talking about a surf shop).

This podcast sounds like a couple of contest commentators were given their own show (because that’s kind of what it is). Their tone, attitude, and topics represent what is going down in the surfing world in an overall positive informative way. These guys are funny, intelligent, and well spoken. I recommend giving them a listen. 

The Couch Surfing Show

The couch surfing show review

Total Episodes: 26
Posting Schedule: Sporadic
Do they offer video? Yes (and I wouldn’t recommend listening to just the audio alone)


This is one of the more unique and creative channels out there. You gotta tip your hat when someone thinks out of the box (and it works).

Joe Alani is the friendly host of this show and with in-depth knowledge of video production and live broadcasting (thanks to his partners Noah and Omar), this show has blossomed into a rad podcast where they record live on the beach WHILE watching people surf.

Some of his notable guests are Ryan Sheckler, Mason Ho, Kolohe Andino, and a bunch more. The idea is simple; talk to some solid guests about anything and everything surfing, while watching live free-surfing. Pretty rad, eh? They film at the most popular spots in SoCal, the usual suspects being Trestles, The Wedge, Huntington, etc. etc. 

While the pod is podding you also watch a live cam on the beach showcasing the guys in the water. A lot of the time guys will be guests on the show after their surf session and talk about the waves you just watched them catch. 

For most podcasts the goal is to have no distractions and full focus on the subject at hand. This podcast throws that idea out the window (and that’s what makes it really fun to listen to). You’ll have a guy explaining why he’s riding more volume “these days” only to get completely distracted and interrupted by the classic and universal  “WOAAAHHH…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” reactions of someone getting dragged down the falls of the wedge. 

Every surfer knows the feeling of watching a spot with your boys before or after paddling out. Vibes are high, conversation is flowin, and the entertainment of watching people surf is right in front of your eyes. This is that, packaged up into a beautiful 30 minute to hour and a half podcast. Go check ‘em out. 

The Surfer’s Journal Podcast

The Surfers Journal Podcast review

Total Episodes: 5 seasons, 12 episodes in each season
Posting Schedule: Every Tuesday
Do they provide video? Nope


The Surfer’s Journal has been around since 1992 and their podcast carries on the tradition and theme that you’d expect. From the best of the best like Kelly Slater, to talented people you may have never heard of, their stories can be found on The Surfer’s Journal Podcast.  

This one is a true podcast in every sense of the word.

There’s a common issue I see among podcasts that stunts their growth and bores the audience… And that is when a podcast has rigid lines and topics that are never deviated from. They become too niche and hyper-focused on their topic. They start out good but before long we’re beating a dead horse.

You can only cover a single topic before it gets boring and repetitive.

This podcast ain’t that. They discuss topics that aren’t common among the other podcasts on this list. Their guests talk about success and life paths, side passions, art, music, education and science, they even make modern nuanced issues interesting.

This is just scratching the surface. Of course they talk surfing too. A lot of it. 

This is a good podcast that has layers and is not simply a one dimensional show. If you love surfing but also have passions and curiosities that translate from the water into everyday life, this show could stimulate your senses next time you have an hour to spare. 

Nate and Koa Podcast

Nate and Koa Podcast Review

Total Episodes: 24
Posting Schedule: Whenever they feel like it (busy guys)
Do they offer video? Yep!

Koa Rothman: Instagram / YouTube 
Nathan Florence: Instagram / YouTube

You know these boys. Studs capable of putting on a surfing spectacle even Ol Poseidon would be proud of. The surfers you don’t want your girlfriend to know about if you know what I mean. 

For those of you who are unaware, Koa Rothman and Nathan “Nate” Florence are both Hawaiian pro surfers with very large online presences and both have reputations that transcends social media. They both come from a lineage of surfing legends. 

I’m not gonna lie, when I found out they started a podcast my eyes started to gloss over. Like another celebrity with a new tequila brand (yawn), I thought this was just the cliche move influencers and celebrities do to make more money through advertisers. I expected a safe, advertiser friendly podcast without any edge, or juicy details. But that’s not really what I got. 

First off, these two are clearly boys. Homies since 2nd grade vibes. They bounce off each other super well and the conversation flows like non-alcoholic wine (health first when you’re a thriving athlete). And if you’re thinking “well, what did you expect, Justin?” you’d be surprised how awkward even friends can be when a live mic is put in front of them. Some would say it’s scarier than surfing a 30ft wave. 

Growing up in the limelight of the North Shore, these guys have more than likely forgotten stories that most people would brag about repeatedly at their local watering hole. And surprisingly, they are very humble about it. But humble probably isn’t the right word. Nonchalaunt sounds more appropriate. 

For example, I’ll get home from a 4-6ft day and annoy my girlfriend with “it was so heavy I caught a bomb and was held down for like 30 seconds” (5 seconds). On the other hand, you have these guys who will tell you stories about pulling a lifeless body out of the whitewash and giving them CPR for 5 minutes until they come back like it’s just another Sunday. Tier one Navy Seal Surfer Shit. 

I like this podcast because it’s the same stories you’ll hear on all other podcasts but it’s first-hand and intimate. It’s not “this or that happened and here’s my reaction”, it’s “I was there, and this is what it was really like”. I hope they stay true to this and keep it going.

But among this, these guys have a lot that they’re doing which almost certainly takes priority over their relatively new podcast. Hopefully this pod is the beginning of something long and fruitful, not just a way for them to kill time, tell some stories, and make some money in the meantime before the next big thing. But even if it is… I’m here to listen. 

The Lineup with Dave Prodan – A Surfing Podcast (from WSL)

The Lineup Podcast Review

Total Episodes: 185
Posting Schedule: Every Tuesday
Do they offer video? Yep!


This podcast, run by the WSL is a classic interview style show. Dave Prodan (WSL Executive) is the host and has been with the company since 2006. For the most part, this is an audio only podcast showcasing interviews with all of the greats you’ve likely heard of; Mick Fanning, John John Florance, Felipe Tolido, etc. 

The overall theme of this podcast, to no surprise, is surrounded around competitive surfing. If you’re a fan of professional surfing this is a great place to hear about the athletes training regimens, their thoughts leading into an event, and post contests recaps. They dive into upcoming seasons and contests heavily in this podcast and I would say this is more aimed for legitimate competitive surfing fans. 

Honorable Mentions:

Aint That Swell

Hosted by two Australian core lords, Jed Smith and Vaughan Blakey this podcast is all things surf culture. They have enough knowledge and humor in the bank to keep their audience (nicknamed the Swellions) engaged for hours at a time. Recommended for legit surfers who are interested in nuanced conversations not the typical and easy topics like “surf etiquette explained”. 

Lets Poddy Podcast

Taken directly from their YouTube description, “Let’s Poddy with hosts Benji Weatherley and Annie Graziano is the podcast where you will learn absolutely nothing and everything at the same time.”. This is another interview style podcast with many of the guests you’ll see on the other podcasts in this list; however, the hosts do a really good job digging deeper into the topics and often ask their guests to elaborate on their answers, which I personally appreciate. 

But Before We Part Ways… There is ONE More!

As of recent, there is a new podcast in the mix. But before we jump straight in, let me walk you through the story of how it first came into existence…

When my dear friend Steve Mara (Owner of HoStevie!) was in the process of purchasing a warehouse for his surf company, he sent me photos of the property he really wanted to buy. 

Image of the HoStevie warehouse

Steve went on about how the warehouse had plenty of space to hold all the inventory and we sort of joked that we could even put a half pipe in there (which eventually came to fruition).

But there was part of the building that really piqued my interest more than anything. Two medium sized, boring, windowless offices near the front of the building. 

Empty office space from the warehouse

At the time I don’t remember if he had a plan for them but he seemed relatively disinterested as he was mainly focused on the the general storage space itself.

Almost immediately I knew that one of these offices would be the ideal space for a podcast studio.

No windows? Perfect. No noise from the surrounding spaces? Come on now… It’s like the podcast gods came down and stroked a brush of perfection and beauty all over us.

All we had to do was make this shit happen. 

My friends Colton and Anna painting the podcast room

So I did what any good friend would do, I pitched Steve on the idea. I told him that with the help from some friends I would design it, get the equipment, furnish the space, and all he had to do was kindly pay the very expensive mortgage (: 

Long story short, he said yes and a few months or so later the HoStevie! Surf Show was born. 

Finished podcast room

When we sat down and really began working out the kinks of the podcast we agreed on the main goal of simply entertaining people and providing them an escape from their day-to-day routine.

Yes, we have a company. Everyone knows we obviously want to sell our gear. But we don’t need to remind you every episode to “BuY OuR STufF” and beat the commercial drum. We know ya’ll don’t want that.

Because of this, our podcast doesn’t run any ads, sponsorships, or any of that bullshit podcasts are forced to do if they want to generate revenue. We want none of that (But if you want to give me your money I’ll kindly take it). 

Filming an episode of the HoStevie surf show

We hash out topics we think you guys will be interested in and dive deep into our own personal opinions and viewpoints on a myriad of things. And when I say we, I mean Steve, Shane, and Myself (Justin).

We talk about surf culture, funny mistakes and kooky behavior we sometimes dabble in, share stories from our travels, and try to educate ourselves and viewers along the way. 

Shane surfing

Shane is easily the most talented surfer on the team. I’d argue, but I’m not even close. He’s an experienced lad. From surf travel, competing in contests, and being plagued with injuries, Shane has both the skills and wisdom that you’d expect from a guy who’s had a board under his arm for so many decades. 

The dude is a walking encyclopedia. He must binge old school surfing mags in his free time. He knows it all, shapers, riders, equipment, history, geography, oceanography, technique, you name it and this dude could give you a masterclass on the subject. Without him, the podcast would just be coupla buddies shootin the shit. 

Steve working at the warehouse

Steve is the owner and founder of the company, a rather simple man if I say so myself. He doesn’t care about the history or the competitive surf scene that most people fancy themselves on. Just give this man some decent waves, no crowds, a computer to make sure his customers are happy, and he’s a content man.

He lives by the beach in San Diego and doesn’t venture out of his backyard no matter how good the waves are. He values the luxury of surfing an uncrowded corner with his buddies over competing in the equivalent of a roller derby to wrangle a nice wave at one of the more popular spots around town. 

Justin Gregory in San Diego

And then there’s me, the heart throb of the group… Just kidding. I’m just a redneck turned beach bum with an unhealthy obsession for hearing myself talk. When I’m not surfing, hunting, or looking at ranches in Montana and beach shacks for sale in Baja, I’m writing surf content for HoStevie! I live for surf trips and believe the journey of getting to a destination is more important that the destination itself [insert cliche motivational quote here]. 

I live by the three L’s… Live, Laugh, Love.

But unfortunately this mindset brought on just as many headaches as it has victories (resulting in more stories than most people wish to hear). As a young man I lived in a van on the Coast of California, then with natives in Alaska, began career as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, then found my real calling: selling luxury real estate to adderall fueled millionaires in SoCal.

In the process I caught myself in a deep, passionate love triangle with Mexico and Indonesia with one thing staying consistent… My obsession with surfing.

I get off on experiencing new cultures, new waves, and looking for animals in places most people will never go. If I can inspire some adventures and make you laugh at the same time, I’d say I’ve done my job. 

HoStevie Surf Show

Our podcast is available anywhere podcasts can be played. Apple, Spotify, YouTube, you name it. Go into a dark bathroom and whisper “HoStevie” three times and we’ll magically appear.

I’m sure you’ll like most of these podcasts on the list but if you want my biased opinion, I think you should listen to ours first (: 

Justin Gregory is an old-fashioned redneck hillbilly from Washington State who tripped over his shoelaces and found himself carrying a surfboard. For a dude in his twenties, he's seen it all. He lived among natives in Alaska, worked as a commercial fisherman in the Bering Sea, commonly paid off bribes to the Mexican police, and sold luxury real estate to foreign millionaires in Southern California. Somewhere along the line, he learned how to read and write (barely) which lead him to write surf content to keep all of you ungrateful kooks entertained. Of course, when he's not blowing off emails to catch waves in Baja or track Mule Deer in the mountains. You can read his stuff here on our blog and follow him on Instagram @Justin5Gregory.


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