Shooting the OB Pier… POV style of course!

Shooting the OB Pier… POV style of course!

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Shooting the OB Pier

I’ve wanted to make this video for a while now.

Last year was the first time I’ve ever shot a pier (if you’re new, “shooting” a pier means you surf under/through it), and it was a big adrenaline rush!

It’s honestly not a very difficult thing to do, but there can be heavy consequences if you mess up. The pilings are made of concrete, which hurts, but the barnacles on the pilings will add to the destruction if you fall.

So Ian and I started the new year right, and headed to the Ocean Beach pier in San Diego. I love competitions, so we decided to see who could shoot the pier the most times.

I might have had an unfair advantage, with my 40 liters of volume on the Couch Potato, and Ian only had his shortboard. Either way, I think I made it through the pier 7 times, and Ian only got 3.

What pier should we shoot next?

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