The Best Surfboard Channel on Youtube

The Best Surfboard Channel on Youtube

Youtube surfboard reviews

Shred Show – The Internet’s Most Stoked Surfboard Show

This is hands down the #1 surfboard show/channel on Youtube.

It’s not a surfing channel, but a surfboard channel.

Ever wondered how a specific surfboard works? Chris Grow from Shred Show will explain it all in great detail and enthusiasm.

There’s not that many channels dedicated to surfboards anyways, but Chris blows them all out of the water.

He’s reviewed about 25 boards so far, and each episode is usually 5-10 minutes. You can request which surfboard he should review next, just leave a Youtube comment. Great way to learn about that new board you’ve been eye-ing up.

Even if you can’t understand everything he is talking about, you’ll love how worked up he gets over each board!

The only downside is the lack of consistency – sometimes we have to wait a month or two for another video. But hey, you can’t expect consistency from a surfer, right!? 😉

He’s also working on some new ideas for the show, like “Shred Talks” where he interviews shapers:

These are Shred Show’s two most popular videos:

Channel Islands Average Joe Review

Firewire Timbertek Baked Potato Review

So if you like learning about surfboards head over to Youtube and subscribe to Shred Show. Then you won’t be so confused the next time you are shopping for a new board!


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