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GoPro Mouth Mount




Floating GoPro Hand GripThere's no better way to capture your adventures than with a GoPro.

Ensure stable footage and a variety of angles with our Floating Hand Grip. Carbon fiber and aluminum construction provides a lifetime of unbreakable performance.

Take this grip on all of your adventures... sea, land, or air.


POV Mouth MountEver wonder how the pros get those crazy POV video clips while surfing?
They use a mouth mount. Sounds weird, but it's actually pretty cool!
It's breathable, so no worries there. And the soft silicone mouthpiece keeps your teeth safe and happy.
There's a pretty big story behind this little mount, and you can read about it here.


If you order a mouth mount, it already comes with the following accessories. But maybe you just want to buy an extra backdoor floaty for your friend. Maybe you want another GoPro bolt for your pole mount, or whatever other mount you have. Got a mouth mount but forgot to add a leash?
We've got you covered.

Backdoor FloatyGoPro BoltsGoPro Leash


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