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Soft Top Surfboard

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We're trying to have both sizes RESTOCKED for SUMMER 2024... please email help@hostevie.com if you want to be notified when we have an exact date!

Every soft top surfboard comes with our FRP FCS fins (black), and leash (6' leash for 5'6" surfboard, 8' leash for 8'2" surfboard).

*Sorry, we cannot ship our soft tops to Hawaii*

Most soft top surfboards are cheaply made, don’t last more than a year, and restrict your surfing ability on good waves.

We wanted to change that, so we created a soft top surfboard that is nearly unbreakable and made like a real fiberglass board. This gets you the performance you’re after, while keeping the fun and ease of a standard foamie.

Our soft top offers easy paddling and is super buoyant to get you into all the waves you can handle.


8’2” longboard perfect for those smaller days, but great in all conditions. With 75 liters of volume it’s sturdy enough to support the weight of almost any surfer (even if you’re over 200 lbs).
Great fit for beginners, but fun for all skill levels. Ideal for any and every session, whether it’s a two-wave midday matinee or a monster leg burner, this board will keep up.
Premium 8’ leash included with each purchase.

5’6” shortboard shaped like your more standard progressive model but much easier to catch waves. Allows you to paddle into waves like a longboard, but maneuver like a shortboard.
Excellent fit for intermediate to advanced surfers or smaller-sized beginners.
Our square tail provides a freer feel on the waves, allowing you to carve, cutback, and hit the lip.
Premium 6’ leash included with each purchase.

Soft Top Surfboard Features

  • Triple stringers reinforce the structure and ensure this board lasts you for years.
  • Wax & slip free with our “ALLIGATOR SKIN” deck layer.
  • Both sizes of our soft top surfboard come with set (3) of our premium FRP thruster fins. Fin tool and screws included for easy assembly.
  • 6 ounces of fiberglass cloth (2 on top, 1 on the bottom) finished in epoxy resin.
  • Free fast shipping.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee... if you don't love your soft top surfboard for any reason, send it back within 30 days for a refund, no questions asked.

Catch Surf vs Wavestorm vs Ho Stevie! Soft Top

We feel so confident in how well our soft tops are made that we decided to cut open three of our competitors’ products alongside ours and compare the differences.

None of the competitors’ soft top surfboards stand up to the quality of materials or construction of our surfboards.

Scroll up and order a soft top surfboard that is stronger, more dependable, and allows you to surf at your best in all types of waves.

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