Surfer Jonah Hill Burns 14 Year Old Longboarder

Surfer Jonah Hill burns Longboarder

Two-time Oscar nominee and charming funnyman of Superbad fame turned surfer Jonah Hill was spotted mistakenly dropping in on a 14 year old longboarder in Malibu.

Notoriously Zucker-spurned instagram account @Kookofthedayog posted the moment, which shows Jonah sliding on his belly in front of the young cross-stepping longboarder.

“Being the kook of the day can happen to the best of us! Even Jonah Hill! Seen here snaking @cormaccove👀👀 maybe Jonah slipped? Or those stupid Ryan Lovelace boards he rides 🤷‍♂️

#wereallkooksinourownway #dependingonthedayyouorme #kookoftheday #buyaboardthatworks

Hill, who has taken to surfing as an adult, has leaned into his new persona as a “surfer” over the past couple years. As the comment section confirms, this adoption by the actor has been met with slightly mixed but mostly positive reviews and support.

“Learning to surf as an adult while being so famous that your kookery is considered news would be fucking brutal.”

“I never met Jonah Hill, but I know he is definitely a legend. @jonahhill_hill You can burn me anytime!

Ryan Lovelace and his surfboard are absolutely next level innovation! @ryanlovelace keep up the good work!! 🌊🤙🏽 Maybe the @kookofthedayog is the true Kook!! 😂”

“Sorry Jonah but your mama didn’t teach u how to look both ways when u cross the street….. same rule applies here dude, just sayin.”

“Prone-ah Hill”

“Fuck off. That’s not intentional from the looks of it”

“He’s gonna want to talk to Stutz about this one”

Surfer Jonah Hill in Malibu

The alleged board with which surfer Jonah Hill committed this wave theft was shaped by Carpinteria based Ryan Lovelace. The shaper is coming under fire (no more than a single candle’s worth) of his own in the snake pit of the comment section.

Lovelace states on his site, “I truly enjoy hand shaping surfboards. Maybe I’m an idealist. Definitely a glutton for punishment, and probably a workaholic.”

Surfer Jonah Hill is also a self-proclaimed workaholic, which is perhaps where the two found common footing. Hill also prefers American Spirits to vapes, and considers vapes, “mouth fedoras”.

In 2021, Hill responded to alleged backlash he was facing from the surfing community after finding a sticker stating, “Jonah Hill Ruined Surfing.” 

Jonah Hill Ruined Surfing Sticker. Photo: Instagram.

The actor turned surfer wrote on his instagram, “I will never stop doing things that make me happy, no matter how insecure my happiness makes you.”

Snaking a wave from someone is one of many things that surfers fight about, and has been the source of many fists in and out of the water.

What do you think? Was surfer Jonah Hill flexing his LA local status or was it merely a mistake?

We always applaud someone’s genuine love of surfing, and Jonah’s zest for the pastime seems to be nothing but that. We side with the latter.

Some out-of-touch theorists believe Jonah’s sudden plunge into the surfing world might just be part of his lengthy research for a yet-to-be-announced surf movie, although it has not been confirmed.

I’d like to speak directly to Jonah now. 

Jonah, there will always be room for you in my forthcoming surf movie The Board in the Stone.  Please, don’t hesitate to reach out.  

Also, if you need some surfboard car roof racks or a surf bucket hat for the summer, our door is always open.  

Father, surfer, poet.


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