Austin, Texas Gets Artificial Wave Park in 2016

Austin, Texas Gets Artificial Wave Park in 2016

Fake wave in Austin, Texas

The future is getting pretty crazy for all of the land-locked surfers out there!

SurfSnowdonia is opening overseas in August, and now it has been announced that NLand Surf Park will be opening in Austin, Texas in 2016.

Here’s a video of Wilko, Medina, and Fanning surfing the Wave Garden demo in Spain. Note that these waves are pretty small, while the NLand Surf Park in Texas claims it will have 6 foot barreling waves.

Will all the hipsters be riding their fixies to the wave garden to surf in skinny jeans? It’s possible. But there will be plenty of waves to go around, as they claim it will produce 300 waves per hour! (5 waves per minute)

Artificial waves like this could really expand the surf industry. If you think about it, most people think surfing is cool, but only us lucky ones that live on a coastline get to experience it. Imagine if going surfing was like going to a ski hill or skatepark instead.

The main downside to these artificial waves is the power consumption. Apparently it takes a ton of electricity to produce waves like this, which will probably make it pretty pricey until they can find a more efficient method. How much would you pay for a 35 second head-high wave? $5? $10? $15??

Luckily I live in California and I don’t have to pay for my waves 🙂



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