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Canvas Surfboard Bag

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Our canvas surfboard bag is made of durable canvas that won't rip.

This bag protects your surfboard from dings while you're hauling your board through doorways, down stairs, in and out of your car, to and from the beach.

☀️ UV sunlight can turn your surfboard yellow, but not with this canvas surfboard sock.

And nobody wants their wax to melt off their surfboard onto their car's interior. Bag your board.

The canvas board bag looks good, and won't snag the velcro on your leash like a knit surfboard sock will.

Canvas Surfboard Bag Features

  • Covers your surfboard to prevent dings and UV sunlight damage
  • Keeps wax from melting onto you vehicle's interior
  • Surfboard leash won't stick to canvas
  • Thick canvas built to last forever
  • Drawstring closure keeps your surfboard safely tucked away
  • Wide enough for almost any surfboard

Canvas board bag

Canvas Board Bag Measurements

Our canvas bags will fit almost any surfboard, from your standard shortboard, to wide fishes, Mini Simmons, etc.
  • 6’0” bag = 24” wide
  • 6’6” bag = 24” wide
  • 7’0” bag = 26” wide
  • 7’6” bag = 26” wide
  • 8’0” bag = 26” wide
  • 8’6” bag = 28” wide
  • 9’0” bag = 28” wide
  • 9’6” bag = 28” wide

100% Cotton canvas surfboard cover

100% Cotton Canvas Material

We've proudly made our canvas surfboard covers from eco-friendly 100% cotton canvas material.

Not polyester or other synthetic fabrics.

As surfers who care about the earth, we believe it is best to use natural materials whenever possible.

Using Your Canvas Surfboard Bag

Using your canvas board bag is easy, just slide your surfboard in, and cinch the drawstring.

You don't need to remove your fins or leash.

Keep the canvas bag on your surfboard if you are storing your board outside or in a sunny area indoors.

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