Channel Islands T-Low Surfboard Review

Channel Islands T-Low Surfboard Review

Channel Islands T-Low surfboard review

Low T is a bad thing for guys, but the T-Low is a great thing for everyone.

This board has been around for a few years, but it was one of the most popular Channel Islands boards for a while.

The rails on the T-Low are very pinched and tapered down, and thinner than average.

Medium entry rocker and fairly low tail rocker make this board great for carvy flowing surfing.

The single concave to flat out the back, tells us that this board is designed for pretty good waves, but not perfect barreling waves.

The squash tail means there will be a little less “bite” in the waves, but it’s not super wide so it won’t be too loose.

You might want to surf the T-Low if you’re a pretty good surfer, and you want to surf beachbreaks that aren’t super punchy, but still give you some faces to throw turns on.


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