Firewire Cornice Surfboard Review

Firewire Cornice Surfboard Review

Firewire Cornice Review

Some might say the Firewire Cornice was inspired by Paul Fisher’s “dick board”…

Paul Fisher's dick surfboard
Paul Fisher’s dick surfboard

But the name Cornice lends itself to snowboarding, which is more likely the source of inspiration for this board.

Firewire worked with a company from Spain that designs wind turbine blades. They played around with their software to work on the hydrodynamic performance of different surfboard shapes.

After a few revisions and tweaks, Firewire had a design they were happy with.

The sidecuts cut into the middle of the Cornice by about 3/8″ on each side.

The front of the board is only about 17 inches wide, which is about 3 inches narrower than boards of similar volume!

The widest point of the Cornice is the back of the board, beneath your back foot. Unheard of, right!?


  • Down rail
  • Very narrow outline
  • Easy to rock side to side with subtle movements
  • Low tail rocker for speed and down-the-line flow

This is probably not a good board for beginners, because of how narrow it is. Any slight lean in your body, or foot adjustment, could be enough to tip the board and dig a rail.

However, if you are an intermediate-advanced surfer, the Cornice could be really fun! It’s very sensitive to shifting your weight, so you will feel like you’re always on rail.

It looks pretty whacky, but I would love to try one out and see how it feels. Actually I would love to see Kelly ride this board, and see what he can do on it. Kelly, are you reading this?


  1. I’ve been surfing the 5’5″ Cornice at 26.6liters. I also rode the 5’5″ Cornice at 27.3liters and enjoyed them both very much. Pumps real well down the line. Amazing speed and quick directional changes with buckets of spray on each carve. I’m 5’5″ and 155lbs. Intermediate surfer. Love it.

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