…Lost V2 Shortboard Review – Surfed by Some of the Best

…Lost V2 Shortboard Review – Surfed by Some of the Best

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Lost V2 Shortboard Surfboard Review

This board has its roots deep in the V2 Rocket, which is an interesting board, because Chris Ward does airs on it with about as much effort as it takes the rest of us to eat a slice of pizza. The V2 Rocket was also one of the first boards to start the shorter wider board trend a few years ago.

The V2 Shortboard first got a lot of attention when Kolohe Andino rode it in this video:

On the top side of the tail, the V2 has slight concaves on either side of the stringer. This basically creates an arch support on the center of the tail. This gives you more secure footing and more control of your surfboard than you would have if there was nothing on the deck of your surfboard.

To a smaller degree, it acts like the arch support that you have on your tailpad. This might have been inspired by Mason Ho, who prefers not to use a traction pad.

Mason Ho and his painted on "traction"
Mason Ho and his painted on “traction”

The bottom of the board has a single concave along the whole length, which means it’s probably not meant for smaller waves.

Small amount of rocker in the middle of the board, with a lot of nose rocker happening in the front 12 inches of the board. This will give you speed and ease of paddling, while the nose rocker will help prevent pearling on drop ins. So if you’re the type of surfer who does a lot of surfing on rail, where you’re sinking your rail and doing tight rebounding turns, you might want a board with more rocker through the middle.

Compared to something like the Whiplash, this board has less tail rocker, which will likely make it feel more drivey beneath your feet in turns.

Rails are a bit full, but nothing too crazy. Still a lot of taper down off the deck.

There have been lots of professional contests won on V2 Shortboards, but most of them happen in California. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe the board was designed for the type of waves typically found here.


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