…Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Review – Blast Off!

…Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard Review – Blast Off!

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Lost V3 Rocket surfboard review

You really can’t look at the V3 Rocket without noticing the three sets of wings on the tail.

Each set of wings creates a section of the board with less surface area than the section preceding it. This gives you different areas on the deck to leverage with your foot for different maneuvers.

The wings also create different points on the bottom of the board where water releases abruptly in sections. That can help you angle tighter in turns than with an elliptical tail. Another thing wings can do when grouped over such a short distance like this, is promote more release from the water than a more rounded tail would.

Here’s a little Trestles session with Chris Ward on the V3 Rocket:

Looking at the V3 Rocket’s outline, you can see that it has very straight rails in the middle. That’s very useful for generating speed off your front foot.

Deep single concave throughout the entire board means that you can get going faster down the line, helping you blow past sections with ease.

A good amount of tail rocker helps with tight pivots, and make the board easier to control in more punchy curvy waves.

The V3 Rocket is a really versatile shape that can be fun in waves from knee high to a few feet overhead. You might find it especially magic in knee to chest high beachbreaks that are a little punchy, let you fire down the line for a bit, before hitting the closeout section with whatever tricks you’ve got in your bag.


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