Panda Synthetic Sally Surfboard Review – All Real

Panda Synthetic Sally Surfboard Review – All Real

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Disclaimer: This board has nothing to do with Sally Fitzgibbons, who thankfully is 100% real, not synthetic.

Sally Fitzgibbons
Sally Fitzgibbons

Now back to the board.
Ford Archbold asked Panda to give him a bunch of alternative shapes. Of all the boards they came up with, the Synthetic Sally was Ford’s favorite, and he decided to make it his go-to board for surfing around California, Australia, Hawaii, South America, and everywhere else he travels.

Here’s Ford ripping the Synthetic Sally in Central America:

This board has a very flat deck, and that allows it to have a lot of volume coming out to the rails, helps it sit higher up in the water, makes paddling easier, and also lets you go a bit shorter in length.

The flat deck thins out to down-rails so it’s not too chunky.

There’s a single concave throughout the entire length of the board, which really isn’t normal for a swallow tail. This will really help you hold your turns or pump down the face of a wave without sliding.

The tail has a wing just behind the leading thruster fins, and this adds some pivot to the board.

Pretty mellow rocker throughout, which will make this board better for everyday waves instead of those perfect conditions you can usually only dream about.

It’s a fun choice for advanced surfers who want to focus more on having fun, and less on precision. Or for surfers just past beginner level, and already have the hang of longboards and funboards. Waist to shoulder high waves suit this board really well.


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