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Women's Surfing Wetsuit

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🌡 For Temperatures Down To 51°F

🧈 Buttery Soft

💪 Super Durable

♻ Eco-Friendly

After the amazing feedback from our Men's Wetsuits, we're stoked to make the same high quality wetsuit, for women.

Our wetsuits will keep you ladies warmer, which means you can surf longer.

And the SuperStretch limestone-based neoprene won't tire out your shoulders while paddling for wave after wave.


GBS Seams and Inner Lining keep you warm in our womens wetsuit

The less water that gets into your wetsuit, the warmer you will be.

This is why we use GBS stitching (Glue and Blind Stitched) with a neoprene strip glued over the seams.

It takes more time and costs us more money to make our wetsuits like this, but it's the most important part of the wet suit for keeping you warm.

Other wetsuits will use Flatlock stitching, because it is cheaper and faster, but it allows a lot more water to enter your wetsuit.

GBS Seams are the best, and you deserve the best.


Stretchy Limestone-Based Neoprene lets you paddle with ease

We use premium limestone-based SuperStretch neoprene, which is one of the most flexible neoprenes, while also being more eco-friendly than petroleum-based neoprene.

Cheaper women's wetsuits use stiffer neoprene, which can leave your arms exhausted after paddling out and catching a few waves… not the case with our stretchy rubber.

Our 4/3mm women's wetsuit is recommended for water as cold as 51°F
Our 3/2mm women's wetsuit is good for water 56°F and warmer.

The inner lining is soft on your skin and retains your body heat.


Who wants to buy a new wetsuit every year? (Well… girls do love to shop 😜 )

Our women's wet suits are built to last multiple seasons. You deserve high quality craftsmanship that won't fall apart.


YKK Chest Zipper on our Womens Fullsuits

We want to provide a premium surf experience, which is why our women's wetsuits use a front chest YKK zipper.

Yes, this is slightly trickier to get in and out of than a back-zip wetsuit. But once your wetsuit is on, it is much warmer and more flexible.

There's no zipper running down your back, letting cold water in, and restricting your movement.


We are starting with the most basic adult sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14), but we plan on making short and tall sizes soon!

If you are deciding between two sizes, go with the bigger size.

Ho Stevie! Women's Wetsuit Size Chart

Please email us if you want to request a certain size (include your height and weight please).

Getting into your chest zip wetsuit

Here's the video for our men's wetsuit, but it's the same idea for ladies. You can wear a sports bra/bikini underneath if you want, but you will be more comfortable without.


Safe Key Storage in our Women's Wetsuit

You might think this is standard for all wetsuits, but surprisingly it isn't!

We got you though.

Tie your car or house key to this loop, and safely tuck it away while you surf.


Plastic-Free Packaging with our Women's Surfing Wetsuits

We're all on the same page about plastic being bad, right?

So instead of shipping our womens wetsuits in plastic bags like most brands, we pay more for cardboard packaging.

(It looks like a pizza box, but what's inside is wayyyy better than pizza)


If your wetsuit doesn't fit, or there is anything else you don't like about it, you can send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

We want you to be happy with your wetsuit :)
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