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Canvas SUP Bag

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Protect Your Paddleboard From Sun Damage
No more flaky, flat or dinged up SUPs!

Protect your paddle board from harsh conditions with our Canvas SUP Bag.

Slip it on, and it’s ready to store!

After a fun paddle session or a season, when it comes to storing your SUP, it is important to protect it from the elements mother nature can throw at it. From sun-cooked days, to traveling to/from the beach, our canvas bag shields your board.

Whether you own a traditional fiberglass paddle board or a modern inflatable paddleboard, sun exposure needs to be avoided. If not, fiberglass will deteriorate, and inflatable boards will have a risk of popping due to increased pressure.

Tip: As an additional caution, deflate some air from your inflatable SUP when not in use. This will decrease the risk of it popping.

So the sun damage is real, but there’s other threats out there like the blind corners at your garage or patio, boardwalk walls, the telephone pole by the crosswalk, or your neighbor’s annoying cactus plant that scratches you and your board every darn time!

Our SUP Canvas Bag hugs your board gently and provides the barrier that you didn’t know you needed. This way you won't need any ding repair kits.

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